Chapter 5 Round Table


Chapter 5 has come and gone, the rightful king of King's Promise has reclaimed his throne, and it's time to LEVEL UP! The group learns some fancy new moves, heals up, gains new HP, and allocates some skill points to further their respective badassery. All that plus Jake, Alexandra and Matt chat all about the highs and lows of Chapter 5, Jeff Torres' kingly performance of Kaius Falceon the 3rd and his natural leadership perk that he worked IRL on all of us, some minor continuity issues, trust issues and more all while Paul travels the Scottish countryside. (No really!) Plus a listener email about D&D vs "Homebrew", some info about the mid-season break as well as RYMOOR RADIO! Some of our favorite musical numbers from the first half of "The Rymoor Reason" including the full uncut studio version of the Minstrel Metal original "Extinguish My Flame" by "Karma Fist" (aka The Sam and Tony Show @SamAndTonyShow) from Chapter 5.1!

Chapter 5.2 - The King's Promise


Kaius has made good on his promise to get the party into the capital city of Norrence by hiding among an ale shipment, but things didn't quite go as he had planned. (Shocker) And now the group must make their way from deep within the castle dungeon all the way to the throne room to confront the impostor in the crown. Piece of cake!

There are torturers tools and a few broken rules, a furry tailed scamper and some Kelber gnome pamper. The undead beast of an evil high priest, and an ally that's silent... and also quite violent.

Chapter 5.1 - The Purloined Prince


After "surviving" their altercation with the bloodmage Asteria in the ancient temple of RASA, the party collects themselves at a nearby inn where they meet a mysterious man who offers them assistance on their way the capital city of Norrence... but not without a catch.

There's critters, minstrel metal, and a fierce alcohol with a mystery, some mourning, and a great misty brawl!

Chapter 4 Round Table


Chapter 4 has left our party (and us as human beings) in absolute ruin. We felll in love, we were lied to, betrayed, victorious, beaten, victimized, sacrificed, and all sorts of abused. Join the crew as we talk about everything that just happened in game alongside the charismatic and enchanting Bloodmage Asteria as well as gush over the one behind her, Gina Devivo out of game. She is a dangerous woman & by far our favorite natural liar. We also discuss the recording process and what happens when we fall out of it, the performance of the Demoness RASA by friend of the pod, Veronica Wylie, talk about the great battle of Terrorbird vs Dire Wolf, give away what might be our LAST Game Box Monthly subscription, as well as sit down for a VERY informative fireside chat with the one and only Maatzyn!

Chapter 4.2 - The Goddess with Two-Faces


People use the word "epic" to describe a lot of things these days. Most of those things don't warrant the word.  This is NOT one of those things.

In this EPIC conclusion to Chapter 4, the party, joined by the young bloodmage, Asteria (played by Gina Devivo) venture to the northern city of Misty Cross in search of an old temple that houses the powerful "Hand of Almone" which can unlock a great magic for them. Things don't quite go as planned.... or do they?

There are reptilian humanoids and stories to tell, Electrical plants and nice hats to sell, incredibly large beasts that come from a shell, love, loss and lies... and a trip straight to hell. 


Chapter 4.1 - Blood from a Stone


The party has been teleported to an unknown location and must navigate misty terrain to find their bearings. When they come across a Bloodsage who foresaw their arrival, they begin to realize the situation they are in might be bigger than they think. Guided by his daughter, the party sets off to find a powerful tool to aid them in their quest! There's delicious fruits and a giant moorcat as they battle the undead for a magical artifact!

Joined by the INCREDIBLE Gina Devivo!

Chapter 3 Round Table


Chapter 3 is in the books and it was a ROMP. A ROMP I TELL YOU! In this Round Table it is time to LEVEL UP after defeating the powerful Hydra in 3.2. The group learns what cool new special moves and skills they get to choose from the make their characters even more badass. All that plus we talk about the highs and lows of chapter 3, Brendan McCay's AMAZING portrayal of Adeline's former servant Idyllwyl and how he's both handsome and intense, doing musical improv, Paul's rad watercolor episode art and his affinity for tiny artwork and the CW's "The 100," the summarized section of 3.2 and the Temple of Amok, PLUS we give away another Game Box Monthly subscription to an itunes review AND sit down for a lovely fireside chat with Adeline herself!

Chapter 3.2 - A Song of Love & Folly


Our party has rid a small bordello of its evil head-mistress and are continuing north into Kings Promise with the help of some forged papers. Just one problem, with them is a bard who's bound with a powerful magic to an evil animage who isn't pleased about his property fleeing. Its an EPIC battle for freedom, love and power filled with chases, tunes and a defining hour!

Chapter 3.1 - Hookers and Hijinks


Our adventurers have made it to the edge of Kings Promise seeking the humans aid against the warring gnomes in the south. Stopping in the small border town of Bogworth they find themselves in a Bordello alongside a familiar face from one of the parties past. There's heartfelt tales during a round of dwarven ale, tight sexy leatherwear and a bare elven derriere!

Chapter 2 Round Table


Welcome to our chapter 2 Round Table! Join Paul, Alexandra, Matt, and Jake as they lament over the what happened in Chapter 2, talk about the Falconer Nora and her surly nature, Matt's affinity for Batman, why Paul is so salty, what it's like when everything goes wrong, as well as sit down for an intimate and candid fireside chat with the gnome alchemist and Shel's Basin Kelber, Ornie!

All that plus we announce the winner of our Chapter 2 Game Box Monthly giveaway!

Chapter 2.1 - The Road to Cragshore


Our party sets off for the northern city of Cragshore in search of aid from the humans in the Kingdom of Kings promise. A chance meeting with a surly falconer, they quickly find themselves coming to the rescue of refugees being held captive by CANNIBALS! Yea. There's acid spit and wild horses, fights in mud and magical forces!

With special guest Noelle Ann Mabry!

Chapter 1 Round Table Recap!


Welcome to our first post-chapter Round Table Recap! Join Paul, Alexandra and Jake as they lament over the what happened in Chapter 1 (and the Prologue), talk about Matt behind his back, share the inspirations for their characters and the world as well as opinions on what makes RPGs great and what they're learning playing The Rymoor Reason, as well as sit down for an intimate and candid fireside chat with the Half-Orccan fighter, Junk!

All that plus we announce the winner of our first Game Box Monthly giveaway!

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Chapter 1.2 - Phantoms of Fire & Smoke


The Kelbana Stone of Shel's Landing has been stolen and war has begun in the land known as Rymoor.

After barely escaping the initial attack by the Gnomes, our party must decide where to go next. From blaring blizzards to beachside bedding there's hat song singalongs, pitchforks and woodblocks, farting horses, mysterious lighthouses, traumatic flashbacks, a sirens song and much more!

We're joined once again by Actor/Improviser/Singer and Cosplayer Jo Crandall!