Chapter 3 Round Table


Chapter 3 is in the books and it was a ROMP. A ROMP I TELL YOU! In this Round Table it is time to LEVEL UP after defeating the powerful Hydra in 3.2. The group learns what cool new special moves and skills they get to choose from the make their characters even more badass. All that plus we talk about the highs and lows of chapter 3, Brendan McCay's AMAZING portrayal of Adeline's former servant Idyllwyl and how he's both handsome and intense, doing musical improv, Paul's rad watercolor episode art and his affinity for tiny artwork and the CW's "The 100," the summarized section of 3.2 and the Temple of Amok, PLUS we give away another Game Box Monthly subscription to an itunes review AND sit down for a lovely fireside chat with Adeline herself!