This week we go back exactly a decade from our last episode and pull the ionic and controversial 1997 match out of the Jar-O-Rumbles! 

The 97 Rumble was the tenth annual Royal Rumble and kicked off the Road to Wrestle-mania 13. It took place in San Antonio Texas and featured many superstars from the Mexican promotion "Lucha Libre AAA World Wide" as well as Bret and Owen Hart, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, "Stone Cold" Steve Austin,  The British Bulldog, Goldust, Mankind, and even "Fake" Diesel.

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In our maiden voyage we pull the 20th anniversary of the Royal Rumble out of the Jar-o-Rumbles - 2007!

Beginning the Road to Wrestlemania 23, the 2007 Rumble took place in San Antonio Texas and featured talent from Raw, Smackdown & ECW including Ric Flair, Matt & Jeff Hardy, Shawn Michaels, Edge, Kane, The Undertaker, Rob Van Dam, & Randy Orton.