Chapter 3.1 - Hookers and Hijinks


Our adventurers have made it to the edge of Kings Promise seeking the humans aid against the warring gnomes in the south. Stopping in the small border town of Bogworth they find themselves in a Bordello alongside a familiar face from one of the parties past. There's heartfelt tales during a round of dwarven ale, tight sexy leatherwear and a bare elven derriere!

Chapter 2 Round Table


Welcome to our chapter 2 Round Table! Join Paul, Alexandra, Matt, and Jake as they lament over the what happened in Chapter 2, talk about the Falconer Nora and her surly nature, Matt's affinity for Batman, why Paul is so salty, what it's like when everything goes wrong, as well as sit down for an intimate and candid fireside chat with the gnome alchemist and Shel's Basin Kelber, Ornie!

All that plus we announce the winner of our Chapter 2 Game Box Monthly giveaway!

Chapter 2.1 - The Road to Cragshore


Our party sets off for the northern city of Cragshore in search of aid from the humans in the Kingdom of Kings promise. A chance meeting with a surly falconer, they quickly find themselves coming to the rescue of refugees being held captive by CANNIBALS! Yea. There's acid spit and wild horses, fights in mud and magical forces!

With special guest Noelle Ann Mabry!

Chapter 1 Round Table Recap!


Welcome to our first post-chapter Round Table Recap! Join Paul, Alexandra and Jake as they lament over the what happened in Chapter 1 (and the Prologue), talk about Matt behind his back, share the inspirations for their characters and the world as well as opinions on what makes RPGs great and what they're learning playing The Rymoor Reason, as well as sit down for an intimate and candid fireside chat with the Half-Orccan fighter, Junk!

All that plus we announce the winner of our first Game Box Monthly giveaway!

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Chapter 1.2 - Phantoms of Fire & Smoke


The Kelbana Stone of Shel's Landing has been stolen and war has begun in the land known as Rymoor.

After barely escaping the initial attack by the Gnomes, our party must decide where to go next. From blaring blizzards to beachside bedding there's hat song singalongs, pitchforks and woodblocks, farting horses, mysterious lighthouses, traumatic flashbacks, a sirens song and much more!

We're joined once again by Actor/Improviser/Singer and Cosplayer Jo Crandall!

Potential "Perks & Caveats"

At the beginning of our prologue episode our party rolled to find out what our "Perks & Caveats" would be on our adventure! Perks & Caveats are a system our DM Paul Bianchi enjoys doing to add an additional layer to the characters. A certain perk or caveat could help sculpt a characters backstory, effect decisions they make in the game, or assist or hinder them in combat!

Each player rolls a D10 once to decide perk, than again to decide caveat. Here is the complete list of what perks and caveats were possible to end up with!


Is this something you'd enjoy doing in your own game? If so what other perks or caveats do you think would be fun? Shoot us an email at OR tweet or instagram us @DnDWPod!

Prologue: Trouble Aboard the Providence


Welcome to Dungeons & Dragon Wagon, "The Rymoor Reason." On this OVER-SIZED prologue episode we will meet our characters and our world as the party must solve a mystery aboard their transport ship, The Providence! There are magical shape-shifting spiders, missing children, an equal opportunity captain, war crimes, flirtation and more! Oh and a cat! There's gotta be a cat.