Hop, Skip, and Go Naked


Matt's old boss, mentor, and aggressively conversational friend Matt Peek comes on the show. They talk about celebrity musician encounters in Los Angeles, the education system in America, the Seattle grunge scene, and stories from their past at the legendary Not A Burger Stand restaurant while it still existed, and Peek's college days. Matt Peek witnessed the birth of Damnit Sandy and shares some thoughts on the start of an era in this hilarious and absurd episode of the TMR Podcast. If you like Matt Peek, you can follow him @TheMattPeek and if you like board games, pick up a copy of the party game he created, YAKS: https://www.amazon.com/Co11-Games-YAKS-Acronym-Game/dp/B07DQB3Y79

LIVE From Too Many Records Fest 2019


After months of planning, Too Many Records Fest finally happened and it was an absolute success. Matt sold over 450 records, met a ton of awesome fans and vinylheads, Tiny Stills, Fort Vine and The Album Leaf played, and there was a live podcast. This is the live podcast. It was a bit truncated due to some time restraints, but Matt, Eric (Vinyl Rewind), Amanda (CoO of Sumerian Records) and Jimmy (The Album Leaf) sat down and talked about their relationship with vinyl and the state of the industry in 2019.

Damnit Sandy: The Reunion Podcast


Sandy aka Idalia Valles comes on the show today, and her and Matt take a trip down memory lane, discussing the early days of Damnit Sandy and the musical highlights they've shared since they first met. Sandy also shares a bit about her experience acting on 3 seasons of Queen of the South, and talks about IDALIA, her new musical project -- and we debut a new track from the project at the end of the episode! Join in on their laughter and silliness. Listen to IDALIA where all music is streaming and follow Sandy on Instagram: idaliavalles_

A Tight 60: Too Many Comedy On Vinyl Records


Today's guest is comedy enthusiast and host of the Comedy on Vinyl podcast, Jason Klamm! Despite not being a huge music fan, Jason owns hundreds of (some would say, TOO MANY) records - comedy records, that is! Matt and Jason discuss listening to comedy on vinyl, some of their favorite stand-up specials, Jason's experience interviewing some amazing names in comedy, and some rare comedy records. Make sure you check out Jason's podcast at http://stolendress.com/comedyonvinyl/

Arroyo Sec-Bros: The Love of the Concert


Matt has been to a lot of concerts in his day, and Alex has only recently appreciated the art form that is live music -- but the two of them ended up at Arroyo Seco festival and had one of the best weekends ever! Hear a full recap of that magical musical weekend complete with a glorious ongoing pun-off. Plus, hear Alex's experience diving headfirst into the cult that is live Phish.

Building Stories Out Of Albums


Jamie Parslow -- filmmaker, music fan and friend of Matt's comes on the show to discuss their mutual love of Modest Mouse, the dangers of algorithm based music discovery, and Jamie explains his theory about great albums that follow "The Hero's Journey" structure. Follow Jamie on Twitter at @JamieFilms and Instagram at @Japars

Podcasting Into The Void with Tiny Stills


Kailynn West AKA the frontwoman and primary songwriter of Tiny Stills came on the podcast to discuss the creation of her new album, Laughing Into The Void. Listeners of Dragon Wagon Radio may recognize her from her 2 appearances on The House Show Show podcast or the YouTube episode of Too Many Records where her and husband Tony Thaxton (Motion City Soundtrack) talked about their record collection. After some small talk about TV shows they've been fans of lately, they dive into the album creation process and Matt and Kailynn gush about how awesome it is to have a record actually be mastered for vinyl. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear the WORLD PREMIERE of "Small Talk" from the album! Be sure to check out her album, out June 1st, and follow her @TinyStills on all social media for upcoming news, tour dates, music, and more!


The Kan-Troversy : Make Kanye Great Again


Ameri came on the show to share her choices for Hip-Hop Mount Rushmore, and then her and Matt talked about the current Kan-troversy. Kanye West has been blowing up the twittersphere as of late and you better believe we're talking about it. His bizarre bars and political diatribes have been on everyone's tongues recently, but historically, that's Kanye's strategy before he drops a legendary album. If you want to follow Ameri check her out on instagram www.instagram.com/ameriwheeler and stay tuned for her upcoming music podcast "The Question!"

Gil Loves Light Like Kanye Loves Kanye


Gil is Matt's hip-hop partner in crime. The two of them reminice about concerts they've seen together, including seeing one of their favorite rappers Lil Ugly Mane and sneaking into the green room. They also go back to the infamous "Mount Rushmore" question and discuss who would be on the Hip-Hop Mount Rushmore. Leave a rating of the podcast and post what your picks would be!

Matt and Cheese and Star Wars and Sleaze

Chris Kramer is one of Matt's closest friends, and the two of them bond over food, Star Wars, and of course, music. Hear about Chris's dream job working on a traveling Food show, a debate about if Luke is a Jedi Knight or Master at the start of Return of the Jedi, a trip down memory lane recalling the incredible musical adventure that was the Desert Trip festival, and Matt touches on the Jesse Lacey/Brand New situation for the first time, publicly, in this awesome episode of the TMR podcast.

Make sure you follow Chris @producedreality and at @theactionstars for his hilarious Star Wars visual series.

Up in the Clouds and Playing With Fire


For those who have watched Matt's YouTube channel for years, you may remember Tyler Taormina AKA Cloud come on the show to talk about his last LP, Zen Summer. He's back now on the heels of an excellent new album, Plays With Fire, and he talks to Matt about his music career up until now, his excellent film-making (highly recommend Suburban Legends for fans of Pete and Pete: https://youtu.be/5pVeEGLAkvg), and of course about the psychedelic indie pop powerhouse Plays With Fire, out on Audio Antihero on March 9th (Pre-order that Vinyl now!): http://www.audioantihero.com -- Stick around til the end of the episode to hear the first single from the album, Wildfire!


Behind the Music : Too Many Records

You may have seen him in a few episodes of Too Many Records talking vinyl with Matt, however, Chris Diaz is actually the man behind the scenes, responsible for filming most episodes and doing graphics/editing many of them as well. As Matt's partner for the show, he's been through it all with him, and the two of them talk details behind the scenes of TMR, future plans, and all sorts of neat nuggets of information for TMR fans to grab ahold of. Make sure you follow Chris's channel AskVFX if you have any interest in the VFX industry!

I Speak In Arrows : Rhythm Games and Musicians who have Video Games


Video Game music is great, and Matt and guest Tom McLaughlin share some of their favorite Video Game soundtracks seeing as they are both gamers. Going one step further, the two of them discuss the history of rhythm games, starting with an obscure Aerosmith game from the 90s, going into Matt's deep dark Dance Dance Revolution phase, and leading into the powerhouse that is the Guitar Hero and Rock Band franchises. Tom also has a podcast with his wife, Andrea, called The Other Castle, where they talk about weird video game storylines -- one of which being the Def Jam Vendetta series where real-life rappers beat the crap out of each other.

The Man Who Saw Me Get Addicted To Records

One of Matt's oldest friends of 13 years, Mike Tumbles comes on the show to talk about their shared musical history: through car rides and concerts, they've heard a lot together. Mike also was living with Matt when he first got into records, so he tells us about how that saga unfolded. From Mikey's delicious mistake at a Journey concert to seeing Ke$ha guest appear at a Guster show (of all places) -- they tell it all. Check out Mike's acting career at www.miketumbles.com

Like Father, Like Son: A Very Special TMR Family Episode


Matt has been traveling around the holidays, but didn't want to leave you dark for too long. Visiting his father Bob Kessler for Thanksgiving, he sat down with him to discuss music. They talked about their mutual love for Doo-Wop, his dad going to Woodstock and seeing Jimi Hendrix, the otherworldly nature of Bob Dylan's songwriting, and debated who would be on the "Mount Rushmore of Music".

Master of Metal, And Vinyl For All, Ride the Exercise Bikes


Nikhil and Matt talk fondly about vinyl records and discuss whether or not the vinyl bubble is going to pop anytime soon. Additionally, learn about how Nikhil snuck into a Metallica show and had a very strange experience involving their wives and exercise bikes. Learn about Brendon Small (of Metalocalypse fame)'s upcoming Galaktikon 2 and Hope for the Day, an amazing charity that raises awareness about mental health in a unique and powerful way.

Check out the charity here: http://www.hftd.org/

Find Nikhil on social media @professionalchild

Willy Wonka and the Vinyl Factory


Richard Houghten doesn't just make incredible music under his name and the monikers "Bloomypetal" and "A Cosmic Gift", he also owns a lathe cut machine and painstakingly (and masterfully) cuts his own releases to vinyl. Going beyond that, he incorporates forward-thinking techniques like etchings, holograms, and liquid-fills to turn his releases into bonafide multi-dimensional art.

In this Podcast, Matt and him discuss those techniques, the ethics of bootleg records, and Richard gives an EXCLUSIVE look at three tracks off the upcoming A Cosmic Gift release, "A Journey to the Purple Planet."

For more background on Richard, make sure you check out the mini documentary on the Too Many Records YouTube channel entitled "Talking Sound + Cutting Records", and to hear more of Richard's amazing music, you can find him at https://acosmicgift.bandcamp.com and https://bloomypetal.bandcamp.com.