Ticketmaster Tell-All

Matt sits down with anonymous guessed called "Alex" to discuss the history of online ticketing, specifically via Ticketmaster. "Alex" worked there for five years, so he certainly has a lot to say. In this episode, we take a behind the scenes look at Ticketmaster, learning the truth about where your money really goes for "convenience fees", how the secondary ticket market came to be, and so much more.

Pearl Jam Discography Discussion (Part 1) w/ Jake Lloyd

In the inagural episode of Too Many Records, Matt (a new, but devoted adoptee to the Jamily) and Jake (a long time superfan) dissect Pearl Jam's discography and share their thoughts on albums, songs, and the era they came out in. Matt also shares his knowledge about the vinyl releases for each album. Stupidly thinking they could get through the full discography in one podcast, they only were able to conquer the first few LPs, so look forward to part 2!