Podcasting Into The Void with Tiny Stills


Kailynn West AKA the frontwoman and primary songwriter of Tiny Stills came on the podcast to discuss the creation of her new album, Laughing Into The Void. Listeners of Dragon Wagon Radio may recognize her from her 2 appearances on The House Show Show podcast or the YouTube episode of Too Many Records where her and husband Tony Thaxton (Motion City Soundtrack) talked about their record collection. After some small talk about TV shows they've been fans of lately, they dive into the album creation process and Matt and Kailynn gush about how awesome it is to have a record actually be mastered for vinyl. Stick around to the end of the episode to hear the WORLD PREMIERE of "Small Talk" from the album! Be sure to check out her album, out June 1st, and follow her @TinyStills on all social media for upcoming news, tour dates, music, and more!