"Sing Street" (2016)


Sneaking out of Ireland in 2016, "Sing Street" made it across the pond to America and had a relatively decent success, considering most movies of a similar nature never reach much of an audience in America with the mass of content blasted through our eyeballs these days.  Still, this movie was missed by MOST - and we're here to remind you - it's probably not the movie you think it's gonna be, and it's pretty damn good.

From the director of "Once" and "Begin Again", "Sing Street" again captures director John Carney's sensibilities as a filmmaker, songwriter and showman for the modern "Hollywood" musical (albeit not connected to Hollywood).  In our setting, Chad has seen this movie (and loves it), and Mark is seeing it for the first time.

Performers of note: Ferdia Walsh-Peelo, Jack Reynor, Lucy Boynton, Aidan Gillen, Maria Doyle Kennedy, Peter Campion, Ian Kenny, Mark McKenna

"Cutter's Way" (1981)


John Heard.  The man.  The myth.  The le... wait, who?

You'd recognize him from "Home Alone" as Kevin's dad, OR maybe you're one of the five people that saw "Cutter's Way" back in 1981 when it opened for United Artists' "art film" division "United Artists Classics".  Heard leads the way here with a great performance as Alex Cutter.  He is followed up by some solid performances by Jeff Bridges and Lisa Eichhorn.

"Cutter's Way" is a film buried by its own film studio, partly because the studio was a.) broke and b.) clearly didn't know how to market it.  Marketed as a zany dark comedy, this brooding mystery noir was nothing like the film's trailers - its edginess is a welcome refresher from all the mind-numbing droll currently at the box office.

Returning to the podcast this week is guest is Matt "Lank" Hingstman.  Matt joins hosts Mark Heiliger and Chad Peter for a jolly chat about, uhh, stuff.

Performers of note: John Heard, Jeff Bridges, Lisa Eichhorn, Ann Dusenberry, Stephen Elliott, Arthur Rosenberg, Patricia Donahue, Ivan Passer, Jordan Cronenweth

"The English Patient" (1996)


Okay, sure - this week's movie isn't exactly "underrated", considering it won ALL THE OSCARS in 1996, but hey - it still seems to have slipped under most peoples' radars, so here we are.  Chad and Mark are back (and so very rusty at this whole podcasting thing), but gosh-darnit - they're gonna sit down and watch a movie together.  Side note: my god, "The English Patient" has one of the worst trailers of all time.

Performers of note: Ralph Fiennes, Kristen Scott Thomas, Juliette Binoche, Willem Dafoe, Naveen Andrews, Colin Firth

"The Hudsucker Proxy" (1994)


A podcast, you know, for kids!  And you.

The Hell With This(!) is back for a fun episode with guests Jake Lloyd and Alexandra Hoey (aka fellow podcasters on the Dragon Wagon Radio network).  It's shocking, but neither Jake nor Alexandra have seen the Coen Brothers' CLASSIC film "The Hudsucker Proxy", so co-host Mark Heiliger has taken it upon himself to right that very wrong.  Strap in, it's a good one!

Performers of note: Tim Robbins, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Paul Newman, Bruce Campbell, Charles Durning, John Mahoney, and an amazing cast of character actors as only Joel and Ethan Coen could find.

"Girls" (2012-2017)


Dogs and cats. LIVING TOGETHER. MASS HYSTERIA. That's right - our movie podcast is doing something strange this week. We're talking about a TELEVISION SHOW. You've heard of those, right? After all, we're supposedly in the "Golden Age" of TV right now - so it's time we finally talk about it. And by "we", we mean co-host Chad Peter and first time guest, filmmaker Shana Gagnon. Shana talks about the importance of the show on so many levels - what it means to her as a female, a filmmaker, and how the show speaks to a generation on another level. Plenty - PLENTY - of discussion about what it is to be a director, what types of actors there are, and being a filmmaker in general. Oh, and what it means to trust your creative gut.

This is a first for us - podcasting about a TV show - but it'll likely happen again someday, uncommonly. In this particular case, we'll be viewing and discussing only the pilot episode.

Fun aside: Shana is currently raising money for a feature film she will be directing called "Maude" - check it out!  https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/maude-the-full-length-feature-film#/

Performers of note: Lena Dunham, Adam Driver, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Becky Ann Baker, Peter Scolari and many, many more.

"The Ice Pirates" (1984)


 Welcome back to another episode of THE HELL WITH THIS.  Your hosts Mark and Chad have been briefly reunited to bring you a, uhm, podcast… where we talk about… things and stuff.  This week’s “things and stuff” is an audience requested number, “The Ice Pirates”, a not-as-forgotten-as-it-probably-should-have-been film from 1984!  The fellas also discuss the state of sci-fi (and possibly where “it went wrong”).

Performers of note: Robert Urich, Mary Crosby, Michael D. Roberts, Anjelica Huston, John Matuszak, Ron Perlman and John Carradine.

"American Movie" (1999)


This week's movie is a legitimate classic - a 1999 documentary entitled "American Movie".  We're digging it up because maybe the world's forgotten it, or maybe you're just one of those folks who missed it at the time.  In any case, it's a goddamned treasure - and you should see it.

Performers of note: Mark Borchardt, Mike Schank, Chris Smith

"I Origins" (2014)


This week Mark and Chad tackle a 2014 film that seemingly snuck right by audiences.  What we can say is this: if you haven't seen the trailer for the movie: don't.  The trailers stupidly spoil the film but, fortunately, Mark and Chad went in blind (to a movie about mapping the human eye... surely there's a pun here somewhere).  As always, the first half of the podcast is spoiler-free - so if you haven't seen I Origins, come listen to the beginning of the podcast, then go watch the movie before finishing the 2nd half of the podcast with us.  

Performers of note: Michael Pitt, Brit Marling, Astrid Bergès-Frisbey, Steven Yeun, Archie Panjabi, William Mapother, Cara Seymour, Venida Evans

"House On Haunted Hill" (1999)


We made the mistake of picking a movie with an easily mistaken title.  Is it "Haunting of Hill House"?  Or "House on Haunted Hill"?  We're not entirely sure, either, but this week we've chosen ONE of those to peruse and meander on.  To make matters worse, Mark and Chad can't recall any of the names they reference in this particular episode.  What year is it?  Where are we?  Who are you?

Performers of note: Geoffrey Rush, Famke Janssen, Taye Diggs, Peter Gallagher, Ali Larter, Chris Kattan, Bridgette Wilson-Sampras, Max Perlich, Jeffrey Combs, Lisa Loeb, James Marsters

"Mandy" (2018)


Chad is back - just in time to take a swim in the pool of weird, man.  This week the boys check out the 2018 film "Mandy", starring Nicolas Cage from a director that both Mark and Chad agree is one to keep an eye on in the coming years (Panos Cosmatos).

Performers of note: Nicolas Cage, Andrea Riseborough, Linus Roache, Ned Dennehy, Bill Duke, Panos Cosmatos

"Swiss Army Man" (2016)


Podcasting guru Jake Lloyd (aka our corporate overlord) sits in with our only useful co-host (aka Mark Alan Heiliger - not to be confused with Mark Alan Highlander).  The two of them combine their efforts to pull this week's movie out of a hat (actually).  That movie just so happened to be 2016's fart epic "Swiss Army Man", which Jake loves and Mark hadn't seen yet.  If you're afraid to watch this movie - maybe the trailer turned you off - just... give it a shot.  Please.  Do it.  Ultimately, if you hate it, it's really your own fault for not listening to your initial gut instinct (but you'll probably love it anyway).  *- Editor's note: the person writing this blurb has not seen the movie, so you can't really take this seriously, can you?  But go rent the movie.  And listen to the podcast.

Performers of note: Paul Dano, Daniel Radcliffe, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Daniel Kwan, Daniel Scheinert

"Master of the Flying Guillotine" (1976)


Mark and first-time guest Chris Tonick wax on about their past days of working together, their combined love of "The House with a Clock in Its Walls" (the book and the movie, respectively) and their enjoyment of this week's insane film: "Master of the Flying Guillotine".  Chad, on the other hand, is still on hiatus... because work.

Performers of note: Yu Wang, Kang Chin, Chun-Erh Lung, Chia Lung Liu, Lung Wei Wang, Chien-Po Tsen, Fei Lung

"Lost Highway" (1997)


We're EXCITED AF to release a new episode.  We're slightly less excited that it's our LONGEST EPISODE EVER, but maybe you just want to spend more time with us.  This week Mark sits down with guest Ryan Wick to discuss the inner workings of David Lynch's "Lost Highway" - one of Lynch's less than adored and oft misunderstood films.  Chad is currently on a hiatus for the next few weeks as he wraps a TV show.

Performers of note: Bill Pullman, Patricia Arquette, Robert Blake, Balthazar Getty, Gary Busey, Robert Loggia.

"Blade of the Immortal" (2017)


Everyone has a Japanese anime/manga phase, right?  Maybe?  No?  Fine, whatever, but we did - at some point - we, as in, Mr. Mark Alan Heiliger, Chad Philip Peter and guest Matt "Lank" Hingstman.  The fellas check out a live action film adaptation of one of Chad's favorite Japanese comic books, "BLADE OF THE IMMORTAL"!

Here's a hint: the movie isn't as exciting as the title - but our conversation MIGHT be!

"*batteries not included" (1987)


Guest Matt "Lank" Hingstman brings an old favorite of his, "*batteries not included" (sic), and forces Mark and Chad to watch it while at gunpoint.  A small scuffle promptly followed, the dust settled, and Jessica Tandy was all that remained.  Or not.  Maybe none of this happened.  Maybe you don't exist.  Maybe, just maybe.

Performers of note: Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy, Frank McRae, Elizabeth Pena, Michael Carmine, Dennis Boutsikaris

"Phoebe In Wonderland" (2008)


Today the guys tackle a... children's film?  Or is this a movie for parents?  We can't decide.  The movie is 2008's "Phoebe In Wonderland", starring Elle Fanning in one of the more incredible child actor performances possibly ever.  Mark and Chad also talk "SOLO"... if you're into that sort of thing.

Performers of note: Elle Fanning, Felicity Huffman, Patricia Clarkson, Bill Pullman, Campbell Scott

"Ace in the Hole" (1951)


Kirk Douglas will live forever.  No, seriously, he's 101 and still putting on one-man shows in Los Angeles.  But 67 years ago he was busy starring in "Ace In The Hole", a noir(ish) morality tale from director Billy Wilder.  Mark claims this is one of his top films "of all time", and naturally Chad's never seen the movie.  Typical.

Performers of note: Kirk Douglas, Jan Sterling, Richard Benedict.

"The Void" (2016)


Chad and Mark are back!  The guys discuss work-life balance, wondering what it is, and what it means to be a creative person with no time to be creative.  They also flip the script with Chad bringing a movie he's never seen - yet Mark had.  This week's film is a 2016 micro-budget indie called "The Void".

Performers of note: Aaron Poole, Kenneth Welsh, Daniel Fathers, Kathleen Munroe, Ellen Wong, Jeremy Gillespie, Steven Kostanski.

"The Last Of Sheila" (1973)


Woof - Mark and Chad have been BUSY with work, but they managed to carve out a little time for some movie lovin'.  Which movie exactly?  Chad has no clue.  It's Mark's pick this week, and with him he brings the 1973 murder mystery, "The Last Of Sheila".

Performers of note: Richard Benjamin, Dyan Cannon, James Coburn, Joan Hackett, James Mason, Ian McShane, Raquel Welch and Herbert Ross.