Happy Buttholes

Pretty Funny Women creator, Lisa Sundstedt jumps on the law of attraction train with Krista and they discuss "You can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. It's some pretty powerful stuff and very insightful ... and lots of girl power ... but then again, what would you expect from Lisa, who has the longest running all female comedy show in the world. Check it out ... whatever sex you are, because it's also very funny. .. If we do say so ourselves.

We're pregnant!!... with possibility babies


Actress Maya Stojan is on the show... This is an episode Krista thought she lost. But she just found it. Mind Blown. They talk about Maya's go-to self-help workbook THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne and please note Krista saying "I'm starting the book ASAP." She still hasn't bought it. But now she will, because we're posting this and she has to be accountable now. Maya is a dream and they go deep into the world of changing self defeating patterns to create a happier life... and also, maybe being a little more organized, right Krista?... No really, "She's FINE."

Lovitz or Leave Itz


Jon Lovitz is on the show. Krista talks about the reason for the break with the love of her life and how he just wasn't that into her, and Jon decides that she likes it in the butt. Hmmm... Two amazing friends getting through life .. and love pains, while while discussing THE VERBALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP, by Patricia Evans.

Optimist Prime


Happy 2018!!! Den Bradshaw schools us on Optimism vs. Pessimism based on one of his favorite books "Learned Optimism" by our favorite new positive thinking psychologist Martin Seligman. Now all of us can kick ass this year and be super successful and even more amazing! (That was optimistic, right??)

Dinner +Wine = Winner!


Mark Sisson of the Primal Kitchen takes us through a journey of Keto and Paleo Lifestyle. We discuss the grand opening of his restaurant, his NY Times best selling books (most recently The Keto Reset Diet), and Krista Jumps on a 21 day Challenge. But all will be okay because she can still drink FitVine Wine with dinner. Dinner +Wine = Winner!