WTF is Happening


Taryn Southern, You Tube Star, Singer, and AI whisperer joins Krista to talk about the future of robots and what it could mean for us lowly humans. For now. Taryn is slaying the music scene with her LP that is entirely made with Artificial Intelligence. So of course, they dive into Yuval Noah Harari's "Homo Deus" A brief history of tomorrow, and seriously nerd out with each other.

Hair Boners

Darren Prince, Author of AIMING HIGH- How A Prominent Sports and Celebrity Agent Hit Bottom At The Top discusses all the magic that happens when you let go and let God! Addiction is a bitch... but facing your demons and being accountable for your own life is a path that leads to greatness.

We're All Creamy Ejaculates


Harland Williams, Comedian, Artist, Actor, Author,Voice Over Bad ass, Podcast hero, and one of Krista's most favorite people. They talk about the self help book "Go For It." by Dr. Irene Kassorla that Harland read back in college and stuck with it. Harland dives deep with his brilliant take on stand up and gives Krista the most amazing advice to "run into the truth" and to stop censoring herself. On stage and in real life. Gahhhhh!!! ... Who needs therapy? We just need Harland!

"I'm Busy." and other lies we tell ourselves


Nick Viall, our most favorite Bachelor, is on the show and they discuss a spontaneously chosen quote from last week's guest Erin Van Vuren's IG page. Topic: People Pleasing! Krista's specialty!!! ... Is that okay? Asking for Krista. They get deep about co-dependency and being fake busy and also dive into what makes a Reality Star successful on a show. Answer: Being Authentic. And, Nick nails this one. And that, Fine Friends, is why he is a national treasure.

Let Go or Be Dragged

Erin Van Vuren is a magical writer of powerful words that make you remember who you were, before you forgot. She has a new book out called "The Planet Of Letting Go" and every inspiring page reveals a short quote that makes you feel like you read an entire chapter on self empowerment. We can't wait for you to hear this episode. It's one you're gonna wanna download and replay often!

Elder Millennial

Iliza Schlesinger, aka Elder Millennial, aka Bad-Ass-Sorcerous-Of-Feminist-Power-And-Brilliant-Comedic-Timing, stopped by to share her elder wisdom. Despite Krista's dog, Jack, humping her assistant Emily's leg repeatedly, they had an amazing show! If you haven't checked out "ELDER MILLENNIAL" on Netflix, we suggest you do immediately, right after you listen to this episode. There is so much good to take away from Iliza's Netflix Special and it's pretty f'ing special she sat down with "I'm Fine."


"I just threw up a little."


Jen Lilley, who you all know as Theresa Donavon on Days of Our Lives, is on the show! She's also about to drop an album! We discuss "Girl, Wash Your Face" by Rachel Hollis... "Stop believing the lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be!" ... or, as I like to think... Who we were before we were taught stupid shit by people who didn't know what they were doing either. Jen and I have some real talk about... well... being real. And also, how we both used to be bulimic ... which is why this episode is appropriately titled "I just threw up a little."

I'm F*CKING great!


Carrie Keagan, Author of "Everybody Curses, I Swear!" and co-founder of one of most successful YouTube networks ever!! NO GOOD TV, Host of Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan and she’s also the host of Bravo After Hours with Carrie Keagan ... OMG we're exhausted typing all those credits. ... and there's much more! Basically, Carrie is FUCKING amazing. There. Krista and Carrie discuss the book and Carrie's innate ability to get A list celebs to open up and let go and curse! They also ramble on about bejeweled vaginas and how dudes need to have good intimacy skills during sex or they aren't banging either one of these babes. We counted, and between the two of them, they successfully cursed 89 times in this show alone, which less than an hour. Well fucking done, Ladies.

Happy Buttholes

Pretty Funny Women creator, Lisa Sundstedt jumps on the law of attraction train with Krista and they discuss "You can Heal Your Life" by Louise Hay. It's some pretty powerful stuff and very insightful ... and lots of girl power ... but then again, what would you expect from Lisa, who has the longest running all female comedy show in the world. Check it out ... whatever sex you are, because it's also very funny. .. If we do say so ourselves.

We're pregnant!!... with possibility babies


Actress Maya Stojan is on the show... This is an episode Krista thought she lost. But she just found it. Mind Blown. They talk about Maya's go-to self-help workbook THE MAGIC by Rhonda Byrne and please note Krista saying "I'm starting the book ASAP." She still hasn't bought it. But now she will, because we're posting this and she has to be accountable now. Maya is a dream and they go deep into the world of changing self defeating patterns to create a happier life... and also, maybe being a little more organized, right Krista?... No really, "She's FINE."

Lovitz or Leave Itz


Jon Lovitz is on the show. Krista talks about the reason for the break with the love of her life and how he just wasn't that into her, and Jon decides that she likes it in the butt. Hmmm... Two amazing friends getting through life .. and love pains, while while discussing THE VERBALLY ABUSIVE RELATIONSHIP, by Patricia Evans.