I'm F*CKING great!


Carrie Keagan, Author of "Everybody Curses, I Swear!" and co-founder of one of most successful YouTube networks ever!! NO GOOD TV, Host of Big Morning Buzz Live with Carrie Keagan and she’s also the host of Bravo After Hours with Carrie Keagan ... OMG we're exhausted typing all those credits. ... and there's much more! Basically, Carrie is FUCKING amazing. There. Krista and Carrie discuss the book and Carrie's innate ability to get A list celebs to open up and let go and curse! They also ramble on about bejeweled vaginas and how dudes need to have good intimacy skills during sex or they aren't banging either one of these babes. We counted, and between the two of them, they successfully cursed 89 times in this show alone, which less than an hour. Well fucking done, Ladies.