042 Torque Your Dork (w/ Jackie Kashian )


Comedian & Podcast Host Jackie Kashian is on the couch! Her & Jake share a similar kinetic conversational style that finds them chatting about all sorts of stuff from the bearded youths, nerd porn, Zack Galifianakis being "patient zero," the high school reunion myth and why she's reading speeches.

She also talks about bringing personal interests into stand-up, the type of dork she truly is, getting into Dungeons & Dragons by way of her Video Game designing husband, "boy books" she may or may not have stolen as well as growing up a teenage civil war reenactor who really wanted a Union Hat!

Returning Soon!


Hey there! I have been off gallivanting fantasy lands with Dungeons & Dragon Wagon but as our current adventure winds down, I’m gearing up for Elaborate’s “Collection 2!” I have great guests lined up from the world’s of standup, film & television, pro-wrestling, politics, music and more. Be sure you’re subscribed, following, rating & reviewing! I can’t wait to get back to work and I hope you’ll join me.

041 The Twinfinity War (w/ Amy Vorpahl )


Actor/Improvisor/Writer/Host/Human Rogue and more, Amy Vorpahl is on the couch this week!Amy talks all about growing up in an ever-moving family, changing places and people every 3 years or so and how that effected her relationships with those around her. She also talks about being a surprise twin named after a "Little Women" character, the endless partnership that is also a competition between her and that twin sister, her daily talks with her highly educated mother, learning to communicate, being the loudest actress in her grade school, the impact teachers have, being an Aunt, her 200 day dating hiatus, finding herself a happy 30 something.

All of that plus her love of all things fantasy, D&D and being an OG RPG unicorn!

040 Familial Feuding Familiarities (w/ Shane Brady)

Actor/Magician/Writer and more Shane Brady joins Jake this week for an incredibly personal, specific, transparent and sometimes heart-wrenching conversation about family.

Shane talks about his dreams of being a hockey player and how they were taken from him at a young age after breaking his neck & growing up in a fractured familial situation. There's talk of untrustworthy fathers, infidelity, forced space, drug abuse and addiction issues. 

The two also share their very similar situations of consistently living as a pillar between two warring sides, growing up too fast by means of at times absentee parents, surviving the ebbs and flows of Hollywood and what its like to be handed heavy information later in live, about your early life. 

All that plus Shane talks about following young love, finding his way by seeing the faults in others, learning magic and working with his college family on the brand new critically acclaimed feature film, The Endless.

Visit www.TheEndless-Movie.com for theater listings.

039 Funny Pants Rants (w/ John Lehr )


The multi-talented and effortlessly funny John Lehr is on the couch this week. The co-creator & Star of incredible shows like Ten Items or Less & the Hulu Original QuickDraw is talking all about growing up in Kansas, the son of badass social activist mother and a technologically efficient yet socially inefficient father who's talents made their family rich for a whole year before some "bad business decisions" found the repo men at their home. 

He also opens up about a drug and alcohol problem that landed him in a jail cell in his twenties, the incredibly lucky clerical error that kept him out of a more serious prison sentence, getting and staying sober, becoming a caveman, and buying his first house and the fear that came along with it.

All of that plus creating an original style of Improv comedy, brain surgeries, parenting styles, the future of storytelling and comedy, what's next for Howler.tv and more!

038 Midnight Delirium Criterium (w/ Mo Mandel )


Actor, writer, comedian & host, Mo Mandel is on the couch this week. He talks about growing up in a small country town in Northern California that may actually be the origin of the term "boonies" as the second son of two mindfully professional yet hippie NY parents. An outcast who found himself in creative writing after a disheartening realization that "professional athlete" probably wasn't in his future as a 93lb high school baseball player who couldn't hit. He also talks about having his own column in his high school paper, making fellow camp counselors be his first stand-up audience, his ability or lack-thereof to maintain positive relationships, his parents celebrating their 50th anniversary, going to comedy college in the San Francisco comedy scene and the two wax poetic about the odd mind of mutual friend, Theo Von.

And he does all of this while being humped by Jake's dog.

Be sure to checkout Mo's fantastic podcast The Full Release which he co-hosts with his girlfriend and doctor of sexual medicine, Dr. Ashley.

037 First Anniversary Percursory (w/ Paul Bianchi)


Its Elaborate's first anniversary! What better way to spend it than sit down with Elaborate First Mate Paul Bianchi and unpack the last 12 months. The duo disclose what they're proud of accomplishing since the launch of Dragon Wagon Radio, both in the podcast world and their personal and creative lives, as well as what they're not so proud of and want to do better in the year to come. They're talking personal goals, time and task management, attention and dedication, their favorite and not so favorite parts of the creative process, social media life, some "industry" talk, and the feeling and value of achievements both in and out of video games.

Jake also talks about how doing the podcast and starting the network has effected his life and talks about the future of Elaborate.

036 Weird Careered Engineered (w/ Nat Baimel)


Comedian Nat Baimel is on the couch this week, talking all about growing up in south Florida as an indoor kid with a reputation for making people uncomfortable and being more "weird" than funny. His love of pro-wrestling handed down from his grandfathers as well as his father who he lost when he was just 3 old. The flashes of memories he has of him and what it's like to have an "idea of a dad" as well as how people telling him he would see his father in heaven led him towards being a religious kid despite not being a part of a very religious family.
He also shares stories of how his mother upstaged him at a show early in his career, why he started as a "guitar comic," and how one single Jewish mother guilting changed his attitude forever.

Check out his brand new comedy album "Be Nice" on iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and more.

Find Nat on Social Media @NatBaimel and www.natbaimel.com

035 So Hip Replacement (w/ Chris Fairbanks)


Comedian, Actor, Writer & Artist Chris Fairbanks didn't let being sucker punched at a bar this weekend stop him from sitting down with Jake and sharing a ton of stuff on this weeks Elaborate. He Talks about growing up a skater kid on the streets of Missoula, Montana, the son of artistically inclined & government employed parents, how a girl and an improv festival led him to Austin Texas, how his love of skating played a positive role in his adolescence (and life in general) and how a recent hip replacement threatened that love. The duo are also discussing their "aging" bodies as if they were geriatric as well as where they both find solace within the hustle. Chris also discloses how swimming for physical therapy taught him the importance of breathing in everything he does. It sounds so simple doesn't it?

All of this plus almost being on MTV's Jackass, why John Wayne walks funny, how Tommy Hilfiger sold so many jackets, what you call a ska band with no instruments and more!

The Safety Trampoline (w/ Coy Jandreau)

Actor, Writer, and host of Marvel Movie News, Coy Jondreau joins Jake for fast paced and light hearted conversation that's all over the place. Coy is discussing his involvement in the Rocky Horror Hipster Show (by former guest of the show Maggie Levin) and its potential to return to LA next year. Being an actor turned web host in the geek world and how embracing his nerdom opened many rewarding doors.
He also tells of his printing pressing father who's business moved the family a lot, Living in Virginia, Upstate New York, & Boston, (and desperately losing his Boston accent), being an older brother by a decade and imparting wisdom on his much younger siblings, having Teen parents that did NOT have him accidentally and how the man who raised him that he calls dad, isn't his biological father.

Also there's talk of how his family all "lived on one mountain," (you didn't read that wrong) his love for comic books and how his dad got him into them, the struggle that comes with having a total "bro" exterior with a soft nerdy center, his obsession with the Deadpool character and his work towards becoming Joe Rogan.

Follow Coy on social media @CoyJandreau