4th Edition: Tariffs & Trade Wars


The armchair economists are back for another edition of What The Heckonomics and this week Brian is learning Jake a lil' something about Tariffs and Trade Wars! Talking all about Trumps plans and his sentiment that "they are good and easy to win." Also Jakelandia & Brianlund go to war over shoes and chairs and the Star Wars prequels find relevance! There's also some Star Trek & Wakanda comparisons because NERDS, and the two find themselves discussing how there's a lot more humanity involved in economics than it may seem and if its possible to find the balance between the obligation to care of our fellow countrymen while accepting economic creative destruction.

All that and Brian makes it a WHOLE HOUR before saying something mean about libertarians. 

3rd Edition: Trickle Down Economics


We're back and today we're talking about an economic concept that is called many things including Reaganomics and Supply-side Economics - but is most commonly known as Trickle Down Economics. The TOTALLY AWESOME theory that if you give the rich job creators more money, that they'll distribute that wealth to the working class and give a boost to the economy in its entirety. You'll have to listen to find out whether or not it works! Also Jake is returning from being stranded on a desert island, giving away a million dollars and claiming his lifetime supply of Five Guys Burgers and Fries! It's a fun one.