Optimist Prime


Happy 2018!!! Den Bradshaw schools us on Optimism vs. Pessimism based on one of his favorite books "Learned Optimism" by our favorite new positive thinking psychologist Martin Seligman. Now all of us can kick ass this year and be super successful and even more amazing! (That was optimistic, right??)

Dinner +Wine = Winner!


Mark Sisson of the Primal Kitchen takes us through a journey of Keto and Paleo Lifestyle. We discuss the grand opening of his restaurant, his NY Times best selling books (most recently The Keto Reset Diet), and Krista Jumps on a 21 day Challenge. But all will be okay because she can still drink FitVine Wine with dinner. Dinner +Wine = Winner!

Nerds Rule


Clare Grant is in the house today and we banter about Chris Harwick's book "The Nerdist Way." We discuss how we totally suck at time managment and discover some cool things to do to waste even more precious time on apps! And we might be enabling eack other. There are also a lot of great tips to be more productive in Chris' book, now we just have to take it to the next level!