Willy Wonka and the Vinyl Factory


Richard Houghten doesn't just make incredible music under his name and the monikers "Bloomypetal" and "A Cosmic Gift", he also owns a lathe cut machine and painstakingly (and masterfully) cuts his own releases to vinyl. Going beyond that, he incorporates forward-thinking techniques like etchings, holograms, and liquid-fills to turn his releases into bonafide multi-dimensional art.

In this Podcast, Matt and him discuss those techniques, the ethics of bootleg records, and Richard gives an EXCLUSIVE look at three tracks off the upcoming A Cosmic Gift release, "A Journey to the Purple Planet."

For more background on Richard, make sure you check out the mini documentary on the Too Many Records YouTube channel entitled "Talking Sound + Cutting Records", and to hear more of Richard's amazing music, you can find him at https://acosmicgift.bandcamp.com and https://bloomypetal.bandcamp.com.