Chapter 8.2 - Whispers in the Dark


After learning the truth about Rasa and Dark Shaline, the party is headed for Rasa's Sanctum where, according to a mysterious letter, "her undoing lies within." If the former silent sister Rin is to be successful in her sacred mission she'll have to work along side the very Vessel of Rasa who killed her beloved. And if that wasn't hard enough there's an unvanquished champion named Ugu-ta who stands in their way. And she is NOT VERY NICE.

There's gateways of water and remnants of slaughter, a soft imprimatur for a favorite daughter. There's much to discuss and a great need for trust, for the alters robust in which death is a must!

With Guest of Quest Havana Mahoney!

--This Podcast is BEST in HEADPHONES!--