The World


Welcome to the region of RYMOOR, a frigid spit of tundra in the shadow of the Braefrost Mountains. It’s an unforgiving climate dotted with scarce farmland, vicious wildlife, and the ruins of a lost civilization. Perhaps the most unusual thing about Rymoor is the land’s dearth of native magic. Instead, the region must rely upon a network of Kelbana Stones. Gifts from the old world wizards, the Kelbana Stones provide magic in a localized radius to those with the knowledge to wield it. Precious and irreplaceable, the Kelbana Stones are protected by benevolent monks called Kelbers from within their cloistered citadels.

The population is predominantly made up of Dwarves who have made their homes in the territory of Shel’s Basin. To the south, the Gnomes have a budding empire in the Braefrost mountains thanks to their symbiotic relationship with the dimwitted, but powerful Yetis. In the North Humans have a small foothold on the peninsula of King’s Promise. And in the east, Tribal Elves have settled along the rivers and lakes in the more temperate Soft Lands.

In the far north, in the lands above Rymoor, a great war rages between the Desert Folk and the Shadow Elves. Because of this war over magic resources, countless boats of deserters and refugees arrive daily to the docks of the Dwarven town of Shel’s Landing. 


The "Heroes"


"jünk" (played by Jake Lloyd)

Jünk is a half-orccan fighter, who is fond of alliterations and spreading good times. He grew up the only Half-Orc in a human village that was eventually destroyed by an Orccan raid. When he saw the evil that runs through his own blood, he ventured off vowing to never let his orc side control him but instead, become a hero! After a brief time aiding the Desert Folk in the great war, he was displeased by the way in which they handled their efforts and decided there was no purity on either side. And so he fled south to Rymoor. 


"Adeline" (played by Alexandra hoey)

Adeline Summers is a human ranger from the free city Bightport. The daughter of materialistic and neglectful parents, Adeline was raised by her charming older brother, Charles. With the war encroaching upon their city, her parents forced Charles to fight for the Desert Folk in exchange for keeping Citadel Summers safe. Rashly courageous, he perished. Fearful of losing their wealth and power, her parents made all the lower-class peoples of Bightport, including children, protect the Citadel with their lives. Devastated by the loss of her brother and horrified by her parents cruelty, Adeline liberated everyone and fled with her trusty long-time friend and former servant, Idyllwyl.



"Maatzyn" (played by Matt hingstman)

Maatzyn is a Shadow Elf rogue from the northern realm of Morganfall. Once a well-respected Colonel in the Elven military, Maatzyn proudly waged war against the Desert Folk in support of his people's grand vision. But when he refused to carry out a superior officer's heinous order, he was stripped of his rank and his entire magic ability. Disenchanted and facing execution, he narrowly escaped and fled his homeland aboard a refugee ship. Heading to Rymoor, Maatzyn aims to learn the secrets of the powerful magic residing there, hoping to one day return home and carry out his vengeance


"Kelber Ornie" (played by Paul Bianchi)

Ornie is a Gnome Alchemist and one of the Kelbers tasked with guarding the valuable Kelbana Stones that provive magic to the Land of Rymoor. Raised in Shel's Basin for the majority of his long life, Ornie is a walking compendium of knowledge. Although, he prefers to regale the party with tales of his past erotic adventures. Unlike most Kelbers who devote themselves to studying magic, Ornie prefers the study of alchemy for its practical applications outside the radius of Kelbana Stones.