Chapter 4 Round Table


Chapter 4 has left our party (and us as human beings) in absolute ruin. We felll in love, we were lied to, betrayed, victorious, beaten, victimized, sacrificed, and all sorts of abused. Join the crew as we talk about everything that just happened in game alongside the charismatic and enchanting Bloodmage Asteria as well as gush over the one behind her, Gina Devivo out of game. She is a dangerous woman & by far our favorite natural liar. We also discuss the recording process and what happens when we fall out of it, the performance of the Demoness RASA by friend of the pod, Veronica Wylie, talk about the great battle of Terrorbird vs Dire Wolf, give away what might be our LAST Game Box Monthly subscription, as well as sit down for a VERY informative fireside chat with the one and only Maatzyn!