Potential "Perks & Caveats"

At the beginning of our prologue episode our party rolled to find out what our "Perks & Caveats" would be on our adventure! Perks & Caveats are a system our DM Paul Bianchi enjoys doing to add an additional layer to the characters. A certain perk or caveat could help sculpt a characters backstory, effect decisions they make in the game, or assist or hinder them in combat!

Each player rolls a D10 once to decide perk, than again to decide caveat. Here is the complete list of what perks and caveats were possible to end up with!


Is this something you'd enjoy doing in your own game? If so what other perks or caveats do you think would be fun? Shoot us an email at contact@dndwpod.com OR tweet or instagram us @DnDWPod!