“Paths of Glory” (1957)


Finally we crack open an “older” film – Stanley Kubrick’s “Paths of Glory”.  Mark and Chad take a crack at what appears to be Kubrick’s baby-legs movie – the first film that put Kubrick on the map.  There’s signs of rawness and flaws amongst glimmers of genius that shaped Kubrick.  It’s clear here that he’s got a unique vision that would later blossom into, well, the film’s we know and love (most of us, anyway).  We get into the absurdity of Kubrick’s war films, and how this must have been quite a liberal film back in the day.

Side note: Somehow neither Mark nor Chad noticed that the German Woman at the end of the film, was actually the woman that would become Kubrick’s wife.

Performers of note: Kirk Douglas, and some other dudes.