“Frailty” (2001)


RIP Bill Paxton, you talented bastard.  Mark and Chad sulk in a darker world and try to bring ourselves around to a world without Private Hudson.  This is a special episode for us – it’s our first time having a special guest on the episode – a coworker of Chad’s and editor on the Bill Paxton series, “Big Love”, Mr. Byron Smith joins the gang.  “Frailty” seemed like the right choice to memorialize Mr. Paxton, because it was a rare glimpse into seeing Bill direct a feature film for the first time.  It’s rumored (mostly by us, sans research) that Bill wanted to direct more things, but perhaps just enjoyed life too much to suffer thru the misery of directing – in any case, he succeeded here.

So… crack open a cheap beer, sit back, and let off some steam as we celebrate the life of one Mr. Bill Paxton.

Performers of note: Bill Paxton, Bill Paxton, Bill Paxton, and Bill Paxton.