“Talk Radio” (1988)


Where this movie disappeared to is beyond us.  Frankly, Chad had never heard of “Talk Radio” prior to Mark suggesting it as a possible option.

At the height of his prime, Oliver Stone set out to direct this film – a film based on a PLAY, by the way – and generally knocked it out of the park, despite the movie vanishing from at least our own little world views.  All this considered, “Talk Radio” is a pretty great watch and a valid political piece that still holds true today (ESPECIALLY NOW).  Inspired by (SPOILER, but based on real life facts?) the real life murder of a Denver, Colorado talk radio host – a Jewish man whose mouth and words got him in trouble with the far-right white supremacy group that ultimately killed him in the parking lot outside of his radio station.  This movie deserves some attention.

Performers of note: Eric Bogosian, Alec Baldwin, John C. McGinley, Ellen Greene, Leslie Hope.