The Man Who Saw Me Get Addicted To Records

One of Matt's oldest friends of 13 years, Mike Tumbles comes on the show to talk about their shared musical history: through car rides and concerts, they've heard a lot together. Mike also was living with Matt when he first got into records, so he tells us about how that saga unfolded. From Mikey's delicious mistake at a Journey concert to seeing Ke$ha guest appear at a Guster show (of all places) -- they tell it all. Check out Mike's acting career at

Like Father, Like Son: A Very Special TMR Family Episode


Matt has been traveling around the holidays, but didn't want to leave you dark for too long. Visiting his father Bob Kessler for Thanksgiving, he sat down with him to discuss music. They talked about their mutual love for Doo-Wop, his dad going to Woodstock and seeing Jimi Hendrix, the otherworldly nature of Bob Dylan's songwriting, and debated who would be on the "Mount Rushmore of Music".

Master of Metal, And Vinyl For All, Ride the Exercise Bikes


Nikhil and Matt talk fondly about vinyl records and discuss whether or not the vinyl bubble is going to pop anytime soon. Additionally, learn about how Nikhil snuck into a Metallica show and had a very strange experience involving their wives and exercise bikes. Learn about Brendon Small (of Metalocalypse fame)'s upcoming Galaktikon 2 and Hope for the Day, an amazing charity that raises awareness about mental health in a unique and powerful way.

Check out the charity here:

Find Nikhil on social media @professionalchild

Willy Wonka and the Vinyl Factory


Richard Houghten doesn't just make incredible music under his name and the monikers "Bloomypetal" and "A Cosmic Gift", he also owns a lathe cut machine and painstakingly (and masterfully) cuts his own releases to vinyl. Going beyond that, he incorporates forward-thinking techniques like etchings, holograms, and liquid-fills to turn his releases into bonafide multi-dimensional art.

In this Podcast, Matt and him discuss those techniques, the ethics of bootleg records, and Richard gives an EXCLUSIVE look at three tracks off the upcoming A Cosmic Gift release, "A Journey to the Purple Planet."

For more background on Richard, make sure you check out the mini documentary on the Too Many Records YouTube channel entitled "Talking Sound + Cutting Records", and to hear more of Richard's amazing music, you can find him at and

Choked Out at a Skrillex Concert

Frequent Too Many Records YouTube guest Allison comes on the podcast to do a deep dive into her musical past. Starting with Abba and the Monkees as a child, graduating to musicals, and then diving head first into My Chemical Romance era pop punk/alt rock, Allison has traversed many genres throughout her life. In this podcast hear some gripping stories including, but not limited to, Allison almost dying at a Skrillex concert and Matt's chance encounter with Tom DeLonge -- so make sure you tune in.

KiSMiT: Cosmic Lovers. Excellent Musicians. Wonderful Humans.


Carly and Basti fuse their infectious love and talent to create tunes under the name KiSMiT. With groovy, funky guitar stylings and powerful vocals, the band is a catchy hit powerhouse that are destined for greatness. Join them as they talk to Matt about their history, inspirations, and relationship with vinyl. They also share their new single, Cosmic Love, and at the end of episode give us first listen to the next single they'll be releasing.


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Foreign Concerts and Friend Requests

Shaun & Matt have a very similar taste in music, and they both love to wax poetic about the bands they love. Join them as they talk about seeing concerts in other countries, Shaun leaving Coachella as Radiohead began their set, an embarassing moment at a Belle and Sebastian concert, and many more passionate and hilarious anecdotes. Shaun is also on the cusp of releasing his first album as "Friend Request" and at the end of this episode, Too Many Records gets an exclusive first look at his emotional track, Jenny.

Be sure to find Shaun's music at

NYU Diaries: Making Music and Eating Pizza ft. Moollz

Moollz is an incredibly talented musician who is a veteran guest of Matt's YouTube channel -- so it was only natural that she'd be on the podcast. Riding the wave of her exceptional debut EP, Moon Fruit, she returned to LA after her Freshman year at NYU to talk with Matt about her next album, almost dying on the Subway, and wanting to physically transform into Thom Yorke. Inspired by Radiohead, Bjork, St. Vincent and the Talking Heads; Moollz is an artist you need on your radar and this is a great look into who she is behind the music.

At the end of the episode we play her terrific track "Astro, Naught"

Check out more of her tunes on Spotify by following this link:

Pearl Jam Discography Discussion (Part 3)

The final part of the Pearl Jam discography trilogy has Matt and Jake discussing the Self-Titled album, or Avocado as Matt calls it (and Jake hates), Backspacer, and Lightning Bolt including a tragic story regarding Matt's vinyl history with the album. They wrap up by discussing the state (of love and trust) of Pearl Jam in 2017 and speculate on where the newly inducted to the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame band is going.

A New Friend


Jake, who runs Dragon Wagon Radio, has a neighbor who loves music and vinyl. Matt had him come on the show, without knowing him at all, and as it turns out, they have the same taste in music in an almost eerie way. Watch the two hit it off as they discuss their real life run-ins with Kanye West, their favorite Beck album (not what you'd expect), 5 records they'd save in a fire, and their similar vinyl philosophies.

Power Pop and Pop Punk Party

Fellow Dragon Wagon Radio podcast host and the artist behind August Brings, Zen Zenith joins Matt on this episode of Too Many Records. Zen is an awesome songwriter who has a lot of power pop and pop punk influences, two genres of music that Matt really loves. The two of them unpack excellent bands such as Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Motion City Soundtrack, the Eels, and more!

Los Angeles Music Venues (Part 1)

LIVE MUSIC RULES! The Troubadour! The El Rey! The Roxy! The Echo! The Fonda! The Wiltern! Los Angeles is home to dozens of incredible venues, small and large, and you could see a different show every night of the week if you wanted to. Matt goes to a lot of concerts, and so does his friend Jessica. The two of them talk about their favorite venues in LA and share some of their favorite memories and shows from their top picks.

The Metal Episode ft. Chris

Matt enjoys some metal, but on a very surface level. Metal fans are intense and passionate about the genre and he wanted to learn more about the history of, and why people love it so much. In this episode, Chris takes Matt through the history of all the metal sub genres and tells some legendary lore from the black metal history books.

Ticketmaster Tell-All

Matt sits down with anonymous guessed called "Alex" to discuss the history of online ticketing, specifically via Ticketmaster. "Alex" worked there for five years, so he certainly has a lot to say. In this episode, we take a behind the scenes look at Ticketmaster, learning the truth about where your money really goes for "convenience fees", how the secondary ticket market came to be, and so much more.

Pearl Jam Discography Discussion (Part 1) w/ Jake Lloyd

In the inagural episode of Too Many Records, Matt (a new, but devoted adoptee to the Jamily) and Jake (a long time superfan) dissect Pearl Jam's discography and share their thoughts on albums, songs, and the era they came out in. Matt also shares his knowledge about the vinyl releases for each album. Stupidly thinking they could get through the full discography in one podcast, they only were able to conquer the first few LPs, so look forward to part 2!