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Jefferson Bergey


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029. Comedian and musician Jefferson Bergey stops by to play raunchy, dirty, very funny songs that are not at all appropriate for children. We talk being a piglet in a room full of pugs, how you straddle the line between being a musician and a comedian, getting divorced and moving to San Francisco and more. Featuring guest appearances from tap dancer Tapper Dan and singer songwriter Natalie Smith!

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Recorded at the the Jam Pad in San Francisco, CA.

Engineered by Zen Zenith and Justin SanSouci

Edited by Zen Zenith

Produced by Zen Zenith and Jake Lloyd

Original theme song by Please Do Not Fight

Special thanks to Chelsea Christer and Justin SanSouci for additional production assistance and the use of their beautiful home

Special thanks to Natalie Smith

Special thanks to Jonathan Devoto for bringing by our friend Tapper Dan.

A proud member of Dragon Wagon Radio.

Derek Ted

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007. Derek Ted is a singer songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area who currently resides in Los Angeles. The lead singer of Owl Paws, Dereks solo material shifts away from his prog-rock roots into serious folk indie territory. Him and I sit down to rap about being best friends with THSS alumni Field Medic, getting almost arrested in the desert, what it's like working for SoFar Sounds and more!.

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Kendra McKinley

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004. Kendra McKinley is a singer songwriter from San Francisco, CA who is influenced by the likes of Brian Wilson and St. Vincent and writes songs that span the entire spectrum of pop music. She and I sit down at the Ivy Hill Entertainment offices in Berkeley, CA to talk playing music with your siblings, touring, growing up in Santa Cruz, teaching and the songwriting process.

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Field Medic

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002. Field Medic is the music of Kevin Patrick, a singer songwriter from San Francisco, CA who writes lo-fi freak folk tunes on acoustic guitar, harmonica and boom box. Him and I discuss the songwriting process, hip-hop, living life full time freestyle, Sunroom Records and Salon and that time he got in trouble with an army of San Francisco tech bros.

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