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Lindsey Starr


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034. Lindsey Starr is a veteran Los Angeles indie pop singer songwriter who has performed with the likes of Fences and Macklemore. We talk about whether or not to tell someone when you write a super personal song about them, giving props to the people behind the scenes in the music world, not shitting on female popstars, the grind of being on the road and more!

Check out more from Lindsey Starr at http://soundcloud.com/lindseystarr

Recorded at the Dragons Den in Burbank, CA by Jake Lloyd

Edited by Zen Zenith

Produced by Zen Zenith and Jake Lloyd

Original theme song by Please Do Not Fight

Special thanks to Alexandra Hoye for extra production support and solid breakfast sandwich recommendations

A proud member of Dragon Wagon Radio

Britt Kusserow

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020. Happy New Year! Folk singer songwriter Britt Kusserow joins us to share her beautiful deeply personal songs and her fascinating life story. We talk about Britt's life living in New Zealand, being a youth minister, coming out as queer to her church, writing songs, working in Mental Health and Conservation, writing songs and much more.

Hear more from Britt Kusserow at http://brittkusserow.bandcamp.com



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019. Husband and wife Henry and Jen of the LA based Rock n Roll band Aloud join us to perform their songs on acoustic guitar, electric guitar and voice. The tunes feature giant catchy harmonies and blues influenced riffs and the conversation features talk of Spider-Man, being romantically involved with your musical partner, how relocating influences your songwriting, the history of Aloud and many many laughs.

Hear more from Aloud at http://www.allthingsaloud.com

Elle Belle


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017. Los Angeles producer and songwriter Elle Belle joins us to perform some of his songs on acoustic guitar and voice. We talk developing a character and what can be liberating and confining about that, crafting the perfect jingle, whether to cast a wide net or not when songwriting and shaking shit loose. All that plus a surprise guest appearance from Misty Boyce!

Hear more from Elle Belle at http://www.ellebellemusic.com

Derek Ted

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007. Derek Ted is a singer songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area who currently resides in Los Angeles. The lead singer of Owl Paws, Dereks solo material shifts away from his prog-rock roots into serious folk indie territory. Him and I sit down to rap about being best friends with THSS alumni Field Medic, getting almost arrested in the desert, what it's like working for SoFar Sounds and more!.

Hear more from Derek Ted at http://derekted.bandcamp.com

Eden Iris

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006. Eden Iris is a singer songwriter based out of Los Angeles by way of New Zealand who writes exquisitely crafted acoustic pop songs. Her and I sit down at Primitive Ears in North Hollywood to discuss moving across the world, playing board games, collaborating with Grammy Award Winning artists and how drawing from her influences like Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Nicks, Noah and the Whale, Bon Iver and Sigur Ros affects her songwriting.

Hear more from Eden Iris at http://www.edeniris.com

Tiny Stills

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001. Tiny Stills is the music of Kailynn West, an artist from Los Angeles CA who writes Sad Anthems Sing-A-Long. Her and I talk about mental health, PTSD, the songwriting process, AIM away messages, jogging, puppets and going solo vs. playing with a band.

Hear more from Tiny Stills at http://www.tinystills.com