019 Personality Department Head (w/ Matt "Lank" Hingstman)

Writer/Director and the Man with No Foe, Matt "Lank" Hingstman in on the couch this week chatting kindness, work ethic, film school, being very tall in an M. Night Shamalayan movie that people don't like, having a "jerky rich kid in an 80s movie" vibe and a desire to be a cool kid. The duo also discuss connecting emotionally with frinds as well as what they do to combat thier respective motivation and attention issues including thier experience (or lack thereof) using prescription drugs. The bromance level is high on this one and Paul may have a run for his money.

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018 Avant Card Soldier (w/ Alex Marshall-Brown)

Actor/Stunt-Woman/Delightful Human Alex Marshall-Brown joins Jake this week and is talking about the hustle, multi-tasking, and focusing on the light (literally). Alex talks about growing up while moving all over the globe picking up interests along the way,  about getting herself into a boarding school in North Carolina from South Africa at 12 years old as well as her relationship with her father and step-mother and "visiting adversity at unexpected age." She also talks about stealing the discarded costumes of carnival dancers in Trinidad and using them to haggle for a role in a school play years later, Professor Lucky, Learning Stage Combat & Martial Arts, Uncle Tom's Cabin and capitalizing on NY Times write-ups, talking things out and also, fighting!

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017 Scantily Clad Nomad (w/ Kenny Cooper)

Actor/Producer and "Underwear Model," Kenny Cooper is on the couch this week. Kenny and Jake are long time friends and the two partake in a little "industry" talk as well as what it's like being DIY creative types and avoiding the low bars set by a flooded follower-driven digital landscape - and whether it's worth comparing yourself to the success of others. Do they sound bitter? Maybe. Probably.

Kenny shares the story of growing up everywhere, always feeling like an outsider despite making friends easily, how he went from sports medicine to the entertainment industry and the single question someone asked that helped push him there. He talks about being a radio personality along someone named Wookie as well as receiving fan mail from maximum security prison inmates. He also shares stories about his father "K. Brick" and his fascinating childhood growing up in the segregated south not knowing for many years that his biological father was sax player Frank Cooper who played alongside Jazz Legends like Miles Davis, Herbie Handcock and Quincy Jones. The two also reminisce about thier previous colaborations and Jake's affinity to make Kenny wear sexy clothing long before he was getting paid to do it underwear comercials. Don't miss this one!

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016 Playing with Oceans (w/ Michael Bachmann)

Actor/Writer/Producer Michael Bachman is on the couch this week and talking about the other The Mike Bachmann as well as his life as one of 12, yes, TWELVE SIBLINGS. His mother was pregnant for nearly an entire decade of her life. It was a fuller house for sure. He also talks about his friendship with Elaborate friendly and voice of Dragon Wagon Radio, Tony Wayne, and the duo's Shakespeare shenanigans in Wisconsin as well as his history in standup and sketch, holding temporary jobs, his sons nerdom, putting comedy over parenting and where the line is when it comes to playing tricks on your kids. He also tells the stories of how he courted his now wife via multiple New Years Eves in New York and about how his father lost the family business in a card game when he was a kid.

All that and Jake plays a voicemail Tony left him pitching a brilliant idea. This one is jam packed!

015 Deforce No Horse (w/ Tony Wayne)

Actor/Writer Tony Wayne returns to the show and spends a delightful sunday evening with Jake. The duo discuss some of the inspiration for thier feature film "Pinch," Tony's late father and the sunday Nascar race phone conversations they would have, painting model cars and building creative yet inneffecient pinewood derby racers as well as being Cub Scouts, Webelos, and Boy Scouts. Camping and enjoying lightning & rain shows and Brother's brother brothers. They also chat the arts in Eau Claire Wisconsin and Tony's love for the horses, the Santa Anita track and how he takes pictures with total strangers. Oh and warning, Tony "raps." He's not even embarassed by it.


014 Vader's Day Traders (w/ Paul Bianchi)

Writer/Improviser/Artist Paul Bianchi returns "like the Smoke" this week. In a lot of recent episodes, "Fathers" have been a large topic of conversation - since Father's day is this weekend, Jake thought it would be a nice time to show all his own father cards and so he asked Paul to come join in some dad-chat. It's dad-chat galore on this fathers day themed episode! Paul's dad is really great. He sends postcards! Jake's dad is not really a dad at all. He's never sent a postard. It's a personal episode that dives into thier respective stories and relationships. They chat cartography, crab-people, covens and correspondence. And as per usual a J&P love fest.

Happy Father's day to all those great dads, moms, brothers, uncles and villagers!


013 Universally Good Enough (w/ Brian Finifter)

Entrepeneur/Filmmaker/Actor Brian Finifter is on the couch with Jake this week. They talk about the universe's prime directive (bringing the two of them together), having desires with limited abilities, positively reinforcing children's natural gifts vs work well done, how the brain (and the process of evolution) only really cares about "getting by" and how apparently that's the rule of the universe. They question if they're indeed millenials. Jake doesnt think so. He also hates that his nieces don't have to rush home to catch Ducktails at a specific time on tv. Also, Brian made one of the earliest viral Star Wars parodies, "The Injured Stormtrooper" and it broke his family server which is probably where they got the ending for Rogue One from (not a lot of people know that).

On a more serious note, Brian talks about losing his father at 4 and what it's like not having an emotional connection to him, but a strong one for Spock.

012 Suspension to Detail (w/ Jo Crandall)

Actor/Improviser/Singer Jo Crandall is sitting down with Jake this week. Jo is talking about his love for Cosplay, the attention to detail and fabricating that comes with it, and becoming someone or something else for a brief amount of time and how Chris Pratt/Star-Lord sparked his obsession. He talks about differing from his father and pursuing a path that wasn't the most popular with him. Being crafty, handy and directionless. As well as church plays, conservatories, opera training, little brother syndrome and acting out as an under-challenged kid. And that's just the first half! Also all people sounded like the adults from Peanuts for the first 5 years of his life. 

011 Just Do It (w/ Cheryl Jones)

Production Coordinator/Photographer/Maritime Historian & host of the popular podcast, "Movies Made Me", Cheryl Jones is on the couch with Jake this week. She talks about the winding path that led her to where she is today, her time as a motorsports photographer and her racer father who used to work inside computers. She also shares how a silly movie based on a theme park ride altered the course of her life forever and ultimately carried her overseas with a new obsession over seas. The two share stories of lives filled with various interests and how they can dictate the direction you head, and how it's also totally ok to move on from them to another. They also both find solace in the fact that eventually we'll all be dead!


010 Water & Vinegar (w/ Sarah Oliver)

Writer/Actor/Improviser/Co-Host of the podcast "Mythunderstood", Sarah Oliver joins Jake on the couch this week. If you asked thier friends to describe thier relationship, people would probably say they're "frenemies." That's not entirely true, but it's not entirely untrue, either. The duo discuss said relationship and how they've grown together over the years, as well as thier experience being the Backyard FX B-Team and sharing the same best friend. On that note Sarah discusses what it's like having a male bestie and the old timey intolerance that still comes with it, finding creativity as a child in the face of boredom, her desire to write, being born in Berlin and growing up a military kid with other military kid friends. She also shares a very personal story of how PTSD effected her father and in effect, her relationship with him. As well as the somewhat secret past he had in hollywood with his then comedy partner, comedian and radio host Frazer Smith. Also, Cheetos!