017 Scantily Clad Nomad (w/ Kenny Cooper)

Actor/Producer and "Underwear Model," Kenny Cooper is on the couch this week. Kenny and Jake are long time friends and the two partake in a little "industry" talk as well as what it's like being DIY creative types and avoiding the low bars set by a flooded follower-driven digital landscape - and whether it's worth comparing yourself to the success of others. Do they sound bitter? Maybe. Probably.

Kenny shares the story of growing up everywhere, always feeling like an outsider despite making friends easily, how he went from sports medicine to the entertainment industry and the single question someone asked that helped push him there. He talks about being a radio personality along someone named Wookie as well as receiving fan mail from maximum security prison inmates. He also shares stories about his father "K. Brick" and his fascinating childhood growing up in the segregated south not knowing for many years that his biological father was sax player Frank Cooper who played alongside Jazz Legends like Miles Davis, Herbie Handcock and Quincy Jones. The two also reminisce about thier previous colaborations and Jake's affinity to make Kenny wear sexy clothing long before he was getting paid to do it underwear comercials. Don't miss this one!

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