014 Vader's Day Traders (w/ Paul Bianchi)

Writer/Improviser/Artist Paul Bianchi returns "like the Smoke" this week. In a lot of recent episodes, "Fathers" have been a large topic of conversation - since Father's day is this weekend, Jake thought it would be a nice time to show all his own father cards and so he asked Paul to come join in some dad-chat. It's dad-chat galore on this fathers day themed episode! Paul's dad is really great. He sends postcards! Jake's dad is not really a dad at all. He's never sent a postard. It's a personal episode that dives into thier respective stories and relationships. They chat cartography, crab-people, covens and correspondence. And as per usual a J&P love fest.

Happy Father's day to all those great dads, moms, brothers, uncles and villagers!