Chapter 10.1 - For Those Who Summon Courage


As the party approaches Filgarth they hope to reconnect with Kelber Ornie and Rin. And if the dangers of wild Yetis wasn't enough, our heroes must brave the harsh frigid climate of the Braefrost as they trek behind enemy lines to do so. Though they learn they may not have the element of surprise they had anticipated when a disturbing package is delivered right to their feet welcoming their arrival in a most unkind way!

There are guiding hands in snow covered lands where beasts of white make up for height. There were no plans for summons of sands but together they'll fight for the gnome's birthright!

With Guest of Quest, Kevin Allen!

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Meanwhile, in Silverhammer...


As our heroes are making their way into the Braefrost behind enemy lines, the capital city of Silverhammer is still under attack in Shel's Basin! The Kingdom huddles within the inner city walls with little hope as the Gnome army is at their door, and although the Elves to East have offered their support, a strange fog has covered the city cutting off the reinforcements. The man responsible for keeping the people save, the Dwarven General Gorro, has created a small task force to investigate the source of the fog, led by one his most trusted men, the Master Conjurer Camli.

Let's hope they have a cure condition, for this, a most important mission. A mystic Knight with fierce ambition, two lovestruck elves and foul dense partition.

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Chapter 9 Round Table


It's the penultimate Round Table of "The Rymoor Reason" campaign and after the events of Chapter 9, there is a LOT to talk about. Jake, Alexandra, Paul, & Matt sit down to discuss the truths that have recently come to light, what it's been like keeping secrets for a year, speculate on various theories and certain meanings of certain peoples certain words! Plus they reminisce about amazing Guest of Quest Dom Zook, talk world co-creating, talk about some post chapter shopping, call to action a DnDW Digital Street Team, and try to help Maatzyn find his keys!

Chapter 9.2 - The Untouched and the Merciless


The party is sailing the dangerous seas of the Shuttering Gulf en route to Bitter Cove. It's an access point to the dastardly gnome's territory in the Braefrost. But that's not the only purpose for visiting the decrepit town for Shadowelf Spymaster, Voryns Blacke, who claims there's a way to free Maatzyn's "egg girl" from her prisonous form within the city limits.

It's time for secrets to come to light, to define a man's true birthright, when legends walk and wright their might, its time for soldiers to choose their fight!

Guest of Quest Dom Zook returns!

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Chapter 9.1 - Where Shadow Meets Sand


Without the guidance of Kelber Ornie, the party is on their own, making thier way through the frozen tundra along the coast of the Shuddering Gulf in hopes to find a way into the nefarious Gnome's territory. Desperate for a fire's warmth and a nice nights rest, they find themselves in a small tavern in which one of the party's past just happens to be waiting for them.

There's pipes of positivity and pirates with proclivity for theft and impassivity for other men's motivity!

With Guest of Quest, Dom Zook!

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Chapter 8 Round Table


The Chapter 8 Round Table is upon us. And there is plenty to discuss after an incredibly eventful chapter. Matt, Alexandra, Jake & Paul are all here to chat about the ride of 8.1 and the closure that came with 8.2 as well as all of the amazing voice talent that lent their tones the chapter and our AMAZING Guest of Quest Havana Mahoney. Talking Rin's decisions, history, and poetry skills, the story of Shaline, Jake's invincibility theory, as well as something missed in Rasa's temple! All that plus the Party Level Ups and Jünk finds an interdimensional door!

Chapter 8.2 - Whispers in the Dark


After learning the truth about Rasa and Dark Shaline, the party is headed for Rasa's Sanctum where, according to a mysterious letter, "her undoing lies within." If the former silent sister Rin is to be successful in her sacred mission she'll have to work along side the very Vessel of Rasa who killed her beloved. And if that wasn't hard enough there's an unvanquished champion named Ugu-ta who stands in their way. And she is NOT VERY NICE.

There's gateways of water and remnants of slaughter, a soft imprimatur for a favorite daughter. There's much to discuss and a great need for trust, for the alters robust in which death is a must!

With Guest of Quest Havana Mahoney!

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Chapter 8.1 - Still Waters Run Deep


After leaving the quaint port town of Sonsi Village, the party is floating down Sonsi river on a small skiff when they come across a violent battle between a monstrous beast and a deadly and mysterious woman. This chance meeting presents one of the party members with an opportunity they can't pass up. 

There's a cautious refrain for choices of pain. A voice rarely used for a half-orc accused. There's a magic propeller, some letters are stellar, a massive tree feller, and OH! ....a sky dweller.  

With Guest of Quest - Havana Mahoney!

Chapter 7 Round Table


It's Round Table time and this one is JAM PACKED! Matt, Alexandra, Jake and Paul are all here talking all about the roller coaster that was Chapter 7 and it's amazing Guest of Quest, Andrew Mena! Talking all about Andrew's decisions on Fenferril's voice and character traits, his connection to Adeline, the return of Gina Devivo's beloved Asteria and the Feisty elderly elven NPC that the talented Sarah Martellaro brought to life! They revisit the mystical Moonwalk dreamscape and some of the things they learned in the chapter as well as some shopping AND enchanting they got to do in the aftermath of 7.2!

All that plus a very happy and party-minded Adeline stumbles in... and out... of the Dragon Wagon studio window. Don't miss it!

Chapter 7.2 - Snakes in the Grass


The party has survived the trials of the Moonwalk and have traveled a GREAT distance in very little time to the quaint Elven port, Sansi village. Then the villagers welcomed them with open arms and everyone hugged and laughed and had a grand ol' time! Wait, no, sorry my mistake that doesn't happen, instead they arrive to find a dangerous Clan of Snake-people called Sibulans have the entire village hostage and its up to the party to do what they do best! Stumble their way to glory!

There's a feisty old elf who's handling herself with some espionage action and a mage liquefaction. When the party divides to conquer both sides, they nearly misstep though a weapon Junk kept!

With Guest of Quest Andrew Mena!

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Chapter 7.1 - Tread Soft Upon the Moonwalk


The party heads east to seek the aid of the Elves against the Gnome uprising. They find themselves lost in the fog when some new friends provide some much needed guidance and offer a practice of their mystic heritage as a means to travel. Of course it comes with a price as our heroes must truly, tread soft upon The Moonwalk.

There's a mystical hilt and some magic juice spilt, a Shadow Elf's guilt and a bloodline rebuilt!

-This Podcast is BEST in HEADPHONES!-

Chapter 6 Round Table


It's Round Table time! Matt, Alexandra, Paul and Jake are all sitting down to talk all about the adventure that was Chapter 6 with special Guest of Quest, Sarah Oliver! Do Sarah and Jakes have a heated rivalry for Paul's love? Maybe! How long was Layla actually in that cave for and how GOOD is spider brain vegemite? They're chatting all about it plus in-game inventory management, how Jake has never heard of "Return to Oz," Halloween then and now and much more! All that plus we want to help YOU find an RPG group with #DnDWconnect and Kelber Ornie gets lost! Luckily, #Pydgyn services the Burbank area. Don't miss it!