NYU Diaries: Making Music and Eating Pizza ft. Moollz

Moollz is an incredibly talented musician who is a veteran guest of Matt's YouTube channel -- so it was only natural that she'd be on the podcast. Riding the wave of her exceptional debut EP, Moon Fruit, she returned to LA after her Freshman year at NYU to talk with Matt about her next album, almost dying on the Subway, and wanting to physically transform into Thom Yorke. Inspired by Radiohead, Bjork, St. Vincent and the Talking Heads; Moollz is an artist you need on your radar and this is a great look into who she is behind the music.

At the end of the episode we play her terrific track "Astro, Naught"

Check out more of her tunes on Spotify by following this link: https://play.spotify.com/album/2Qbyp55vLgEUcZYQCoRoXg