James Spaite


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031. James Spaite shows off his guitar chops while crooning heartfelt songs in the vein of John Mayer, Andy McKee and Damien Rice. A great storyteller, James regales us with some great anecdotes and we discuss religion, equality, toxic masculinity, education, living with ADHD and much more.

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Recorded at the Dragons Den in Burbank, CA

Recorded by Jake Lloyd

Edited by Zen Zenith

Produced by Zen Zenith and Jake Lloyd

Original theme song by Please Do Not Fight

Special thanks to Alexandra Hoye for extra production support and getting out the chip bowls before I even ask for them

A proud member of Dragon Wagon Radio

Nik Bartunek of Picture Atlantic

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011. Nik Bartunek, lead singer for Picture Atlantic, sits down to treat us to some solo acoustic versions of the Alternative Indie Bands tunes. He and Zen go deep on Dungeons and Dragons, the Music Industry and being a Christian in the modern world of music and divisive politics.

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