What Happens When The Host Is Sick?


As a podcaster, sometimes things come down to the wire... and then go haywire. I was all set to bring you a conversation with writer/director Maggie Levin this week, but we were recording at the last minute and I was going to scramble to edit and get the episode out on time. But, life intervened and I came down with a tremendous cold (coughing, pink eye...the works) and had to cancel out of all my plans on a very packed weekend (except Avengers: Endgame, I still used my ticket to see that before everyone started spouting spoilers). But, you're still due an episode, so past guest and head of Dragon Wagon Radio Jake Lloyd and I recorded from separate locations to bring you a light, free-ranging conversation. I hope you'll enjoy it. And Maggie Levin should be my guest on the next episode...if things don't go haywire again!