4th Anniversary Celebration!


To celebrate the 4th anniversary of the show, I gathered together some amazing past guests for a free-wheeling conversation about a little bit of everything. You'll hear from

Elysabeth Alfano - Host of Awesome Vegans, Silver Chic Chef, and Celebrity Dinner Party. Featured in the upcoming film Gray is the New Blonde. Hear her influential movies on episode 101.

Giovannie Espiritu - Star of the upcoming film D-railed and TV show Dyke Central, acting coach. Hear her influential movies on episode 81.

Eddie Furth - Creator and Producer of Historical Roasts (coming to Netflix), comedian. Hear his influential movies on episode 31.

Jake Lloyd - Co-founder of Dragon Wagon Radio, host of Elaborate and Dungeons & Dragon Wagon, writer/director of the feature film Pinch, comedian. Hear his influential movies on episode 43.

Ron Placone - Comedian, host of Get Your News On with Ron, Producer/Writer on The Jimmy Dore Show. Hear his influential movies on episode 83.

Join this lively group as we discuss short lists, 25 cent autographs, fight clubs and tag sales, copycats and infringers, things we can't talk about, everything Gene Wilder, and mind blowing truths!

Here are links to items of interest mentioned in episode 105:

Jake Lloyd's Mending Steel storyline

Eddie Furth's Historical Roast and Fictional Roast

Giovannie Espiritu's Hollywood Actor's Workshop and An Introvert's World (Part of Your World PARODY)

Gray is the New Blonde (featuring Elysabeth Alfano)

Ron Placone's Get Your News on with Ron