Comic Con Palm Springs 2017

It's Comic Con season and, as we adventure through the Southern California area events, we're bringing you special episodes along the way.  On this episode, we journey around the exhibition floor at Comic Con Palm Springs, to catch up with friends from last year's event and hear about an influential movie from new friends we've just met.  You'll hear from:

Scott Miller - Military man and occasional paranormal exterminator.

Ron Milts - Co-writer of Grace comic books for Inland Blue Comics, and co-host of Nerd Life Crisis podcast. 

Sonia Melinkoff - Creator of Nerdy Novelty Design. 

Alex Hoffman - Artist and creator of Tales of Absurdity webcomic.

J. Salvador - Artist and creator of Super Emo Friends. 

Jordan Monsell - Silhouette artist, illustrator, and author of Ministers of Grace: The Unauthorized Shakespearean Parody of Ghostbusters. 

Madeleine Holly-Rosing - Writer and creator of The Boston Metaphysical Society graphic novels.  Crowdfunding consultant to independent creators and author of Kickstarter for the Independent Creator. 

Kristi Schoeman - Cosplayer and winner of the Comic Con Palm Springs costume contest Judge's Award.