Technical Difficulties: Apologies & Conversations from Long Beach Comic Expo

As you'll hear in this episode, we had a major technical failure when recording our 2nd Anniversary Celebration episode and had to come up with something to fill its spot, while we work to re-record.  So, instead, we're bringing you conversations with past guests and new friends at Long Beach Comic Expo, which took place February 18-19, 2017 in Long Beach, California.  Be on the lookout for our anniversary episode in the next couple of months. We promise, it will be worth the wait.

In this special episode, you'll hear from:

  • Andrew Linde, host of Nerd's Eye View podcast and head of the Benview Network

  • Mike Matola, artist, builder, actor, and the creator of our awesome logo. Episode 6 guest on Movies Made Me.

  • Tim Prettyman, artist. Episode 30 guest on Movies Made Me.

  • David Lucarelli, writer. Episode 24 guest on Movies Made Me.

  • Vincent Swayne, artist.

  • Valerie Swayne, writer.

  • Nicole Swayne, college student.

  • Shannon Eric Denton, artist for comic books and animated television/film, producer of Con Manseason 2 on Comic-Con HQ.

  • Phil Vecchio, host of Alex P Keaton Is My Friend podcast, The Mandarian Orange Show podcast, and Radio Brendoman podcast.

  • Brendan Creecy, host of Radio Brendoman podcast, Mr Brendo's Wrestling Show podcast, and Pop Sickles podcast. Episode 27 guest on Movies Made Me.