LA Podcast Festival 2017 Part 3, featuring Jackie Kashian, Mike Schmidt, Jonathan Sadowski & Paul Gilmartin

Welcome to the third of four special episodes recorded in the Podcast Lab during the 6th annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, October 6-8, 2017.  The Podcast Lab is a noisy, frenetic environment, which you'll undoubtedly hear in these recordings, because it is a place of creativity and collaboration between podcasters and fans.  Attending LA PodFest is the absolute highlight of the year for me and I hope the energy and excitement of the weekend is conveyed in what you'll hear in this episode.

I spent the weekend recording  in the Podcast Lab with fellow podcasters and special guests.  I asked new friends to tell me about one film that influenced them to be who they are, and had old friends sit down to catch-up with me.  In this episode, you'll hear from:

  • Perla X. Caballero-Hoblit, podcast fan and Movies Made Me listener.

  • Chris Troutt, author of the recently released book We'll Be Right Back!: Televisions Reunions, Revivals and Reboots .

  • Mike Schmidt, comedian, host of The 40 Year-Old Boy podcast.

  • John Sharappa, podcast fan and former comedian.

  • Jackie Kashian, comedian, host of The Dork Forest and The Jackie And Laurie Show.

  • Travis Clark, actor/writer, co-host of Quick Question podcast.

  • Jonathan Sadowski, actor on Freeform TV's Young & Hungry, co-host of Quick Question podcast.

  • Will Runyon, Jr., host of the upcoming Processing podcast.

  • Paul Gilmartin, comedian, host of Mental Illness Happy Hour podcast.