LA Podcast Festival 2017, featuring Murray Valeriano, Greg Behrendt & KC Wayland

Welcome to the first of four special episodes recorded in the Podcast Lab during the 6th annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles, CA, October 6-8, 2017.  Rumors abounded this year that it might be the final LA Podcast Festival, but we're keeping our fingers crossed for another one next year, so we can again bring you our annual compilation episodes from the event.  The festival is an amazing, creative weekend for podcasters and fans, alike.  Our continued thanks to Graham Elwood, Chris Mancini and Dave Anthony for creating and producing this annual highlight.

We spent the weekend recording  in the Podcast Lab with our fellow podcasters and special guests.  We asked new friends to tell us about one film that influenced them to be who they are, and had old friends sit down to catch-up with us.  In this episode, you'll hear from:

  • Andrew Linde, founder of the Benview Network, and co-host of Nothing New: A Remake Podcast and Super Mario Brothers Minute. 

  • KC Wayland, creator of the wildly popular We're Alive audio drama podcast and author of Bombs Always Beep: Creating Modern Audio Theater. 

  • Ron Placone, comedian, and co-host of The Jimmy Dore Show and 5 Chords and The Truth podcast.

  • Greg Behrendt, comedian, and host of Rock Out With Your Doc Out podcast.

  • Alice Fraser, comedian, and host of Tea With Alice podcast.

  • Diana Rojek-Skonnord, co-host of Happily Ever Aftermath podcast.

  • Polina Grinbaum, co-host of Happily Ever Aftermath podcast.

  • Murray Valeriano, comedian, and host of Road Stories podcast.