Long Beach Comic Con 2017

We bring you another episode in our continuing Comic Con adventures.  Come along as we roam the exhibition floor at Long Beach Comic Con and hear the latest updates from past Movies Made Me guests, as well as an influential film from each of our brand new friends.  In this episode, you'll hear from:

Janet Joyce Holden - Author of the The Origins of Blood book series, as well as Carousel and it's sequel The Only Red is Blood.

Mike Matola - Artist and all-around amazing human.  Artwork at linebylineposters.com. 

Dan Gvozden - Host of Amazing Spider Talk podcast and editor of the Superior Spider Talk website.

Dylan Campbell - Artist and creator of Scared By The Bell webcomic.

Jennifer Redelle Carey - Creativity coach and Access Bars Facilitator. 

Geoffrey Ashley - Creator and writer of Frontiers comic book. 

Dawn Bourn - Owner/creator of Managed Chaos Events.

Daniel "Bad Apple" Ramirez - Artist and creator of Repo: Thief for Hire comic books.