035 So Hip Replacement (w/ Chris Fairbanks)


Comedian, Actor, Writer & Artist Chris Fairbanks didn't let being sucker punched at a bar this weekend stop him from sitting down with Jake and sharing a ton of stuff on this weeks Elaborate. He Talks about growing up a skater kid on the streets of Missoula, Montana, the son of artistically inclined & government employed parents, how a girl and an improv festival led him to Austin Texas, how his love of skating played a positive role in his adolescence (and life in general) and how a recent hip replacement threatened that love. The duo are also discussing their "aging" bodies as if they were geriatric as well as where they both find solace within the hustle. Chris also discloses how swimming for physical therapy taught him the importance of breathing in everything he does. It sounds so simple doesn't it?

All of this plus almost being on MTV's Jackass, why John Wayne walks funny, how Tommy Hilfiger sold so many jackets, what you call a ska band with no instruments and more!