Painstaking Trumpet Faking (w/ John Miller, The Holy Dark)


The man behind The Holy Dark, John Miller is on the couch this week. He's talking about what "Gloom Folk" means to him, what it was like growing up a fraternal twin and the youngest of 7 super artistic kids from two super artistic (and also religious) parentsand the duality of them translating Rammstein lyrics to ensure they're "safe" to listen to, but sharing their love of the Beatles, the Kinks and more with the family. 

He and Jake talk about their respective experiences growing up in the church and how church values weren't always "home" values, the ways music played a role in their grade and high school years and John divulges that he never learned to read music, completely faking his years through high school concert, marching and jazz bands.

John also talks openly about the trauma he faced as a child, dealing with death at a very young age including his oldest brother taking his own life. He shares the story of how he found out at 20 that for an entire year as a kid he was home-schooled because of it (though he had no recollection of it.) The two also discuss medication and John talks about sneaking to a doctor behind his parents backs who wanted him to seek aid from a pastor instead, and being prescribed anti-depressants that he would be banned from taking when they found out, leaving him to self medicate.

All that, more, AND a track from The Holy Dark called "Poison Oak"

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