027 Action Woman Protraction (W/ Maggie Levin)


Writer/Director and Woman of Action, Maggie Levin joins Jake this week and talks growing up in Woodstock the daughter of free-spirited rockstar and a crazy balerina, being 6 years old in the theater playing boys, and being un-schooled and teenaged in New York City!

She also talks a bit about a pattern of relationship tag along (that's not as unhealthy as it sounds), the "New York Grudge" which is totally a thing, and her more-than-boyfriend and the joy watching his discomfort with difficult people brings her.

They also discuss her Rocky Horror stage show with a twist "Rocky Horror Hipster show" and how her incredibly talented friends helped spawn the idea with thier collective super-powers, the Sci-Fi Comedy TV show she directs and writes called "Miss 2059" on Go90.com, representing women in film and television, writing as woman and for women and navigating the landscape of casting women and people of color in a time when it is in the forefront of public conversation. 

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