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Dragon Wagon Radio is an LA based, artist owned and operated podcast network. We are professional comics, writers, filmmakers, actors, musicians and more, putting out professionally produced podcasts currently heard by over 90k listeners a month from all over the world. As we continue to grow each month, our costs grow as well and so does our need for sponsors.

Podcast advertising is BIG business these days and there are countless services out there for massive companies to find advertising outlets, but as a small, personal, DIY style network we are looking for monthly sponsors that we feel align with our small business style and attitude. If we gave you this page’s link, then that’s probably you!

Since we ourselves are a “mom & pop,” we can offer a MUCH more affordable advertising option for you, as well as a more personal touch as we introduce our listeners to you, your business, and your mission.



According to a survey by Edison Research, 65 percent of podcast listeners are likely or very likely to further investigate a company they hear about on a podcast, and 64 percent have bought a product or service they heard about through an audio show. That’s a great success rate, especially for a medium that’s still in its relative infancy.

“What makes podcast ads stand out? A few things. The host read/native spots. And the active type of listening that makes the ads more memorable. If I take the time to listen to a podcast I am activating my brain to follow the story or learn something. It’s different than the passive, background listening that is true in music and other types of audio.” – Maggie Taylor, Public Radio Exchange

There’s nothing quite like a recommendation from a friend. That’s what great podcast ad reads feel like. Listeners invest so much time in podcasts that they tend to feel a connection with their hosts. These relationships mean listeners trust the hosts and value their opinions. So when your ads are read by the hosts and infused with their personality, it feels like “genuine” word-of-mouth, not just someone selling you a product. In fact, the relationship between the hosts and your brand itself plays a big part in this.


Studies also found that longer campaigns perform better than shorter ones: campaigns with ads on five or more episodes of a podcast lead to 39% more listener recall than campaigns with one ad spot. This means consumers are actually listening to the ads and not tuning out as they might with other mediums, like TV or radio.

Industry Standards and us

The industry standard rate for podcast advertising is $25 per 1k listeners for a 1 minute ad.*

According to the statistics provided to us by our hosting services, as of Jan 2019 our network total listeners were 93662, which would put our monthly ad value at $2340.

We don’t want to diminish the value of spending that sort of money on advertising, nor the value that our audience has to you, BUT for the small businesses trying to keep costs down while growing that we want to partner with, we think that is just too much money. So we want to offer something better. Much better.


Exclusive monthly Sponsorship

Become the exclusive network sponsor one month at time with a custom commercial spot with no strict time limit at the top of every podcast for an entire month, plus your links and language in each show description on all platforms. i.e. iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, etc. You will be the only ad featured on that month’s episodes. We can work together to write the ad with you if you’d like and it will be read live by each podcast’s host ensuring your message is delivered clearly, personally and properly. When your ad is featured in an episode, it stays there forever living within the original file for every future listener discovering the show for the first time.

  • $1000 for 1 month

  • $900/month for 2 months

  • $800/month for 3 months


non-exclusive Monthly Sponsorship

All of the same production assistance, offers and delivery system as above, only you will be one of 2 advertisements per single podcast episode.

  • $700 for 1 month

  • $600/month for 2 months

  • $500/month for 3 months


Tracking Success

Like any advertising, gauging the success of network sponsorship can be tricky. Though one method to see if your ads are working is to set up a Coupon Code or similar within your e-commerce specifically for us to provide Dragon Wagon listeners to enter when engaging with your business. And remember, since your ads will live in our podcasts forever, it’s a code that may be used for years and years to come.

We always urge sponsors to give it as many months as they can as most research finds The “Seven Times” rule does hold some merit.

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*Here’s just one site’s breakdown of industry standards