Dragon Wagon Radio is as indie as it gets

Founded with the desire to simply make great podcasts, Dragon Wagon Radio is completely independent.  That means all hosting, production, gear, and expendable costs fall onto us. Despite that, we promise to always ensure every DWR podcast is free each week for our listeners, BUT if you enjoy the network and want to show your support, you can still help!

By simply clicking the donate button below, you can donate any amount you'd like directly via PAYPAL! You can even set up a recurring monthly donation. That would be sweet.

We've also created an AMAZON WISHLIST with items big & small that you can have sent directly to us. That way you can donate something you know we'll need! From studio and electronic gear to t.p. and coffee, there are tons of needs big and small so no matter what your budget, you can help.

So show your support and click a link below to help us continue making the best podcasts we can. And thank you for listening.

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