Money in the Bank Fallout plus the 24/7 Title


Scott and Jake are in studio with Dale on the line and the trio are diving into a newsworthy, exciting, divisive and bizarre few days in WWE including the Money in the Bank PPV which saw the end of Becky Two-Belts and the creation of the Beast in the Bank! All that plus the unveiling of the 24/7 title, the Holy Grail Tommy Magee special, NXT favorites, more Impact murder and much more!

Money in the Bank Preview


This Sunday its the event we've all been looking forward to! The Game Of Thrones Finally! And there's also a WWE PPV. So get prepared to click back and forth between Money in the Bank with a complete preview by the compadres. We're picking winners, speculating on booking decisions, surprises and much more. Also, another Firefly Funhouse, Lars Sullivan is putting his money where his mouth is, AEW gets a TV deal, Killer Cross isn't having it and WWE has a new power couple!

The "Wildcard Rule," IMPACT Plus


The "WILDCARD RULE" is in effect... whatever that means! As if the Shakeup and it's aftershocks weren't enough, now anyone can go anywhere cause Vince is a genius.... we think? Either way there's plenty to discuss from back to back WWE Title Matches, new Smackdown Tag Champs, an NXT debut and a vocal performance you won't soon forget, to the launch of IMPACT Plus! 

MITB Shapes Up & Moxley Escapes!


Scott, Jay, Jake and eventually Dale are talking all about the Money in the Bank match competitors who've been announced! Also more Bray Wyatt Firefly Fun House, there's a new NXT Broadcast team member, Jon Moxley breaks out of prison, Impact launches its own streaming service, we revisit the 2014 "Wee-LC" match and much much more!

The Superstars Were Shook Up


Scott, Dale and Jake are talking all about the Superstar Shakeup! Who benefited the most? Who will it hurt? Who SHOULD’VE been shaken? What show won? Does any of it matter?! All that plus Sasha is upset, Luke Harper wants to follow buzzards away from WWE, Impact made some good decisions but also murdered someone, and you show your love to Jonny via the Compadres Hotline!

Post-Wrestlemania-Mania! w/ Every Compadre in studio!


Jonny, Jay, Scott, Dale and Jake are ALL in studio because Wrestlemania-Mania is running wild! It's been a crazy 5 days straight of exciting and newsworthy programming, NXT Takeover, The Hall of Fame, WRESTLEMANIA, and both Raw and Smackdown are all fresh on our minds with highs, lows, suprises, controversy and everything in-between. The quintet cover as much as they can in time, all culminating with a very important announcement from a very important Compadre. 

Wrestlemania Extravaganza!


It's here! Wrestlemania Weekend is finally here! Jonny, Scott, Jake and Dale are covering every morsel of Wrestlemania weekend goodness from predictions, hopes, dreams, expectations, potential surprises and more. Between Takeover, the Hall of Fame and a stacked Mania card with countless "Match-of-the-Night" contenders the compadre excitement is hard to contain!

SD Women's Title Backlash, Kofi-Mania!


Jay and Jake welcome Paul Bianchi, host of Mythunderstood and DM of Dungeons & Dragon Wagon into the studio and the trio dive into a newsworthy week of wrestling as Charlotte flair wins the Smackdown Women's Title in a shocking, last minute match just weeks before Wrestlemania mustering up a lot of backlash, mostly on behalf of Asuka. Also, Kofi-mania is on, Triple H's career is on the line, The Hart Foundation are future Hall of Famers, names are being cut in half like deals by a used car salesman and much much more!

"The Main Event," Retirements, Breaking Kayfabe and more!


Jonny, Scott and Jake are in studio talking all about everything in this weeks wrestling news from a new contract for AJ Styles and some new trademarks for All Elite Wrestling to the retirement that makes Jake sad and an injury Scott blames on Zack Ryder! Plus the Road to Wrestlemania continues as the card continues to fill out with Kurt Angle's into retirement match, Beth Phoenix's out of retirement match, Batista and Triple H working two different programs, Ronda's destruction of Kayfabe and the perfection that is Kofi Kingston's title chase. PLUS NXT's Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Impact's cinder-block doublecross, Ring of Honor's 17 Anniversary Show PPV, all the kickouts, and more!

Fastlane Fallout + Mania Shapes Up


Jay and Jake are in studio with Dale on the line and the trio discuss this past weekend's WWE Fastlane PPV and it's unique feel - last minute changes, bizarre endings and at times stunted execution as well as all the fallout and new developments on Raw and Smackdown. All that plus the Dusty Rhodes classic starts, the Hall of Fame gets some Heat, JR is the "Voice of Wrestling," and train metaphors nearly DERAIL the show! 

WWE Fastlane Preview, Wrestlemania Speculations and more!


Jonny, Scott, Jay and sometimes Jake are in studio talking all about this upcoming weekends Fastlane PPV event. After another eventful week that saw the crowning of a new US Champ, the reformation of the Shield, Triple H breaking 4th walls, Ronda Rousey imploding and the return of Mustafa Ali, the Road to Wrestlemania gets more interesting by the day and the quartet are dissecting all of it. Also King Kong Bundy, new WWE Hall of Famer, Impact Wrestling Contracts, Dana Warrior becomes a writer, and YOUR calls to the Compadres HOTLINE!

Roman and Dave and Kevin, Oh My!


It was an exciting and eventful week of WWE programming and Scott and Jake are in studio with Dale on the line to talk ALL about it! From an amazing and emotional announcement by Roman Reigns to a shocking return by the Animal Dave Batista on Raw to Vince McMahon replacing Kofi Kingston at Fastlane with Kevin Owens - there are definitely some thoughts to be shared. If that wasn't enough for your greedy Compadre ears they talk all about the recent firings and signings of various promotions, another WWE Hall of Fame announcement, take some calls on the Compadres HOTLINE, and even chat about what Sunny has been up to lately! 

Elimination Chamber Fallout & NXT Main Roster Debuts


Jonny, Jay and Jake are in studio on the heels of 3 consecutive nights of WWE events from the history making Elimination Chamber event in which Women Tag Champs we're crowned, a contender was squashed, a title was unsurprisingly dropped and Kofi Kingston solidified himself as the WWE Universes pick for the next WWE Champion - to a Raw and Smackdown that featured a storm of NXT Talent running rough-shot over the main roster 2 nights in a row! All that plus tons of news including DX, NJPW & NXT contracts being accepted and refused, as well as YOUR questions from the Compadres HOTLINE!

Elimination Chamber Preview, AEW Signings and More!


Jonny, Jay and Scott are in studio with Dale live via satellite, and the quartet dive deep into a HUGE week of wrestling news including some huge AEW Signings, Sales, and announcements, a NJPW Title changing hands, some interesting returns to Impact Wrestling, and a Smackdown Showing for Kofi Kingston that has the wrestling world buzzing. Then the Road to Wrestlemania continues with this weekends historic Elimination Chamber event which boasts an exciting card featuring the crowning of the first WWE Women's Tag Team Champions.

Stone Cold Becky Lynch, Best of Raw & SD, plus Mark E. Xtreme in studio!


Jonny, Scott and Jake are in studio covering all the news of the week including AEW signings, Taker's Twitter, Rick Flair's birthday celebration and hurricane Shane Helms' new job, and Jonny getting stink- faced (#QuastoStinkFace), as well as discussing Becky Lynch's back-to-back opening segments on Raw & Smackdown, what Kurt Angle's future is, and where the heck Harper fits in to everything. All that PLUS Mark E. Xtreme from On Your Mark is live in-studio as he continues to wage war on All Elite Wrestling!

The Road to WrestleMania Begins!


Jonny, Scott, and Jake are in studio and the trio are still buzzing about everything that's happened in the past week in Phoenix! From an amazing NXT Takeover and Royal Rumble Event to surprises and must see moments on both Raw and Smackdown Live! The Road to WrestleMania has begun with a jam packed episode that's as chaotic as the Rumble Match itself… and with just as much yelling!

Best & Worst of the Week plus NXT UK Takeover!


Jay, Scott and Jake are in studio this week and the trio cover the best and worst in a full and generally pretty great week in pro-wrestling! From super from WWE Main Roster programming that saw a new IC Champ, a match of the year contender, and a major change to the Royal Rumble Universal Title Match, to the first ever NXT UK Takeover, Impact and ROH, the trio cover it all as well as take your calls from the Compadres HOTLINE!

AEW, NXT UK Takeover, Impact Homecoming and More!


Jay, Scott and Jake and in-studio for the first time in 2019 and there is a LOT to discuss! It's been a few weeks and there's plenty to catch up on in the WWE Universe as the road to Wrestlemania begins at the Royal Rumble... but there's a small group of folks who are interested in CHANGING the universe and today's trio is talking all about All Elite Wrestling's press conference/rally announcing Double or Nothing and who's already attached to their brand new promotion. Plus the first ever NXT UK Takeover is happening this weekend with every UK title on the line including the crowning of the inaugural UK Tag Champions. And if that's not enough, Impact Homecoming & your calls to the Compadres Hotline!