AEW Full Gear Preview


Scott and Jake are dive into an exciting week in wrestling featuring the collision of WWE Raw, Smackdown, and NXT stars, a National Championship match on NWA and the first go-home episode of AEW Dynamite leading into this weekends AEW FULL GEAR PPV! Will it be the first and last time Cody gets to challenge for the AEW Title? Will SCU retain their newly won NWA Tag Titles? What exactly is Jon Moxley capable of?! All of that and much more!

Crown Jewel Fallout & NXT Invades


Better late then never! Due to some international travel issues, the Compadres couldn't record the Thursday time, but that just means when Jake and Scott sat down on Saturday they were able to talk ALL about the Wednesday Night Wars week 5, as well as Crown Jewel and a unique Smackdown!

The Fiend is the new Universal Champion, Natalya and Evans make history, Rey Mysterio is fired up, Brock Lesnar quits, Morty is concerned about Best Friend heads, Cody and Jericho's Full Gear match gets a contract, Aron Stevens is in disbelief, NXT Women are going to War, and Finn Balor isn't a fan.

Box Seat Brawl & Bad Boy Balor


Scott and Jake are reveling in a week filled with great matches and great moments. From Tag Team madness and a VIP Box seat brawl on AEW, to a North American Title classic and a perfectly executed heel turn on NXT, some great moments on main roster WWE and NWA Powerrr - we've said for weeks it's a great time to be a wrestling fan and this week it's never been more true!

AEW Dynamite Premieres!


It's a premiere week of all premiere weeks for wrestling fans, and although Smackdown on Fox is still to come, Scott and Jake and reveling in the excitement of the Season Premiere of Monday Night Raw, Impact on AXStv, and the first week of the Wednesday Night Wars with the debut of All Elite Wrestling Dynamite LIVE on TNT! Did it live up to the hype? You better believe Scott thinks it did. 

Also with all the changes to wrestling show networks and streams etc. We take a minute to discuss exactly how cord cutters can navigate the modern day wrestling waters.

The Calm Before the Storm


Its the last week of Smackdown on USA, the last week before Impacts move to Tuesday, the last week before the debut of AEW Dynamite and what could be the start of the "Wednesday Night Wars!"

Scott, Jay, and Jake cover this weeks WWE main roster programming as Hell in a Cell and FOX approach! Plus we take hotline calls, speculate on the future, and much more!

Get in there.

Cardiff & All Out Fallout!


Scott, Jake and Dale (mostly) are diving into one of the most exciting jam packed weeks of wrestling in a long time. From NXT UK TakeOver Cardiff, to AEW All Out, to the Quarterfinals of the King of the Ring, there is SO much to talk about that we had to have an EXTRA long show just to cover it! What are you waiting for? Fire it up before we hit you with a cracker barrel!

All Out Clash of the Ring-over


Scott and Jake are covering an exciting week in wrestling! The first round of the King of the Ring wrapped up with some surprising outcomes on this week’s Raw & Smackdown. Clash of Champions has taken shape with a Universal Championship bout between tag champs and some surprise #1 contenders for their Tag Titles. Also something happened between Roman and Bryan!… we’re not sure what but it was definitely something! Also, Jake catches up on NXT and this weekend NXT UK hits Cardiff at the same time that AEW goes All Out! All that and much more.

King of the Ring Kicks Off & Much More!


The studio is full as all the boys chat about NXT's cable television future, the XFL teams, Edge's hint at one more match, and the first round of the King of the Ring tournament! Is it the King of the Ring we know and love? What does Jerry Lawler think about it?! All that plus Sami Zayn & Shinsuke's new bromance, Ziggler is magic, Charlotte want's a throne, FTRKO are very mean boys, and we have new Raw Tag Team Champs!

SummerSlam Fallout + The King of the Ring Returns!


It was an excitement filled weekend in Canada for 4 straight nights of WWE chaos including NXT Takeover, SummerSlam, Raw, & Smackdown and there's PLENTY to unpack. From the in-ring debut of The Fiend, some of the greatest spears Goldberg has ever delivered, an hour long NXT main event, the return of the BOSS and the announcement of the return of the King of the Ring tournament! That's just the tip of the iceberg and if all that wasn't enough - we have a great conversation with the man behind Wrestling Memes who WON the UBW British Championship at Wrestlememeia... the one and only Memes!

SummerSlam '19 Weekend Preview


Jake, Jay & Dale are getting into the weeds before a SummerSlam weekend that includes NXT Takeover Toronto this Saturday & the 32nd SummerSlam event on Sunday. A fun week of go-home shows left the gang with questions about who is and isn't on the card and as usual there is no shortage of speculations on who's leaving the weekend victorious. All that plus Compadres Hotline calls galore!

Summerslam Shapes Up + Mark E. Extreme!


Jake, Scott & Eventually Dale are diving into the best and worst of this week in wrestling. With SummerSlam on the horizon the card begins to take shape! An exciting (for some) Raw and Smackdown left us with a load of questions and stuff to speculate about! The boys are covering it all as well as Jake's favorite three things yelled in wrestling this week, NXT and the return of Pete Dunne, what Impact is doing wrong or right, and what the hell Natty is talking about. And if that's not enough we have a hilarious and NEWS FILLED interview with the one and only Mark E. Xtreme!

Raw Reunion: Good, Bad, & Ugly


Jay, Jake, & Scott are in studio after a roller-coaster of WWE programming including the first ever Raw Reunion which featured more "Legends" than they literally had any idea what to do with! We got the OC vs the OGs, Bray attacking Foley, and 463 title changes of the beloved 24/7 title! (or 24 Title depending on who you ask) - and that's just the tip of the iceberg. The trio gets into about what was good, bad, and oh so ugly and also chats Smackdown, HBK, AEW's TV spot, NXT debuts, 205 Live, Impact wrestling and Tessa Blanchard's potential title shot - and much much more!

Extreme Rules Fallout


Scott and Jake are in studio with Dale live via satellite to talk all about what happened at WWE Extreme Rules! Did the Deadman deliver? Did Becky and Seth survive with titles intact? Were the rules extreme or were there an extreme amount of rules?! All that plus Bray Wyatt debuts, some Summerslam matches are set, and KO is on fire! Plus New Japan's G1 Climax, Impact Wrestling goes gimmick, and AEW's Fight the Fallen!

Saturday Night's Fights (and also Sunday's)


It is a jam-packed week of wrestling fresh of the heels of Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary heading into this weekends AEW's Fight for the Fallen, EVOLVE's 10th Anniversary show airing on the WWE Network at the exact same time, AND WWE Extreme Rules the following day! And man-o-man there are an Extreme amount of Rules all right. The Compadres are talking about ALL of it in a raucous and highly spirited episode you don't want to miss!

Extreme Fyter Festaversary XVII


It's the fourth of July! And for America's birthday WWE, AEW, & Impact Wrestling are all giving it wrestling. Between some new positions for Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff in WWE leading to an exciting and fresh feeling Raw & Smackdown, AEW's second event which didn't come without some controversy, and Impact Wrestling's Biggest Show of the year this weekend - there is PLENTY to talk about. So what are you waiting for? Get in there.

Stomping Grounds Fallout


Jay, Scott and Jake are in studio to talk all about what happened at the first ever WWE Stomping Grounds and whether or not Scott is a huge Heavy Machinery fan now. Plus an exciting Raw that saw a surprise visit from the Dead Man, a puppet invasion and 2 2 out of 3 3 falls falls matches, as well as Smackdown that also happened this week. Whats going on with KO and Zayn? Are Becky and Seth the best? Impact Wrestling? All that and much much more!