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027. Semplica is the songwriting stylings of Doug Orey. Doug joins me to talk about starting a sports team at Berklee school of music, going to school with Tiny Stills and Yellowbirddd, early 2000s emo bands, whether getting a degree in music is worth it, the power of songwriting and much more.

Hear more from Semplica at https://www.wtfsemplica.com

Recorded at the Dragons Den in Burbank, CA.
Engineered by Jake Lloyd.
Edited by Zen Zenith.
Produced by Zen Zenith and Jake Lloyd.
Original theme song by Please Do Not Fight.
Special thanks to Alexandra Hoey for additional production assistance and puppy wrangling.
A proud member of Dragon Wagon Radio.

Tiny Stills

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001. Tiny Stills is the music of Kailynn West, an artist from Los Angeles CA who writes Sad Anthems Sing-A-Long. Her and I talk about mental health, PTSD, the songwriting process, AIM away messages, jogging, puppets and going solo vs. playing with a band.

Hear more from Tiny Stills at http://www.tinystills.com