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Britt Kusserow

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020. Happy New Year! Folk singer songwriter Britt Kusserow joins us to share her beautiful deeply personal songs and her fascinating life story. We talk about Britt's life living in New Zealand, being a youth minister, coming out as queer to her church, writing songs, working in Mental Health and Conservation, writing songs and much more.

Hear more from Britt Kusserow at http://brittkusserow.bandcamp.com

Modern Huge

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012. Modern Huge is the music of Charo Molina, a songwriter and performer based out of Los Angeles, CA who draws influence from the likes of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Nelly Furtado. She and Zen chat living in Los Angeles, what it's like to have a gun pulled on you and hosting the queer radio show and podcast 'Homoground'.

Hear more from Modern Huge at http://www.modernhuge.com