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023. Dogcatcher joins us at The Art Farm in San Jose, CA. Core members Andrew Heine (Vocals / Rhodes / Banjo / Guitar), Jared Milos (Bass), Ramon Esquivel (Drums) are joined by Geoff McCann (Guitar) and Joey Guthrie (Percussion) to share their unique brand of soulful indie rock. We talk joining the marines, playing music in Silicon Valley, collaborating with Gift of Gab of Blackalicious and much more!

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Recorded at The Art Farm in San Jose, CA.
Engineered by Kevin McCann.
Edited by Zen Zenith.
Produced by Zen Zenith and Jake Lloyd.
Original theme song by Please Do Not Fight.
Special thanks to Andrew Heine for providing the space.
A proud member of Dragon Wagon Radio.

Fuzz Francis


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021. Band Fuzz Francis comes on the show to play their beautifully crafted indie pop rock songs. Beth (Voice / Guitar), Kubes (Drums) and Scott (Bass) talk quitting your job to make music, staying in your body, Circus School, breaking up with someone when you love them still, marketing yourself and life living in a van!

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Jamie Drake


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013. We're back! Jamie Drake is a folk singer songwriter from Los Angeles, CA. On this episode we talk touring Portland, life in a post-divorce world, losing your sense of wonder and much much more.

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Modern Huge

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012. Modern Huge is the music of Charo Molina, a songwriter and performer based out of Los Angeles, CA who draws influence from the likes of Elliott Smith, Jeff Buckley and Nelly Furtado. She and Zen chat living in Los Angeles, what it's like to have a gun pulled on you and hosting the queer radio show and podcast 'Homoground'.

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Nik Bartunek of Picture Atlantic

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011. Nik Bartunek, lead singer for Picture Atlantic, sits down to treat us to some solo acoustic versions of the Alternative Indie Bands tunes. He and Zen go deep on Dungeons and Dragons, the Music Industry and being a Christian in the modern world of music and divisive politics.

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Deep Breaths

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005. Deep Breaths is the atmospheric indie finger-picked song stylings of Daniel Berkman. Joined by guitarist Trevor O'Neill, the three of us sit down at Primitive Ears in North Hollywood, CA to discuss growing up, moving between the Bay Area, Los Angeles and Portland, decades long friendships, owning a dog and how your influences (Radiohead, The National and Dashboard Confessional to name a few) affect your songwriting.

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