007 Quantum of Solace (w/ Paul Bianchi)

Elizabeth (left) and Kathryn (right)- 1982

Elizabeth (left) and Kathryn (right)- 1982

Jake takes some time before this weeks episode to talk from the heart about the loss of a beloved member of the family, his Aunt Kathryn. Then Paul Bianchi is back and humors a sleepless Jake while discussing sleepiness, hypnosis and "hypnotisers", senior lock-ins, their impromptu camping trip for Jakes birthday and the murderer they made friends with as well as teen adventures to places of creepiness and the enjoyment or lack thereof of being scared. And of course as usual when these two are together, some compliments.

006 Wavs of Wayne (w/ Tony Wayne)

Actor and long-time friend Tony Wayne sits down with Jake and they discuss their symbiotic collaborative friendship, what makes them tick and the variety of artistic endeavors they've ventured together. Tony has cartoon characteristics and manly tones, they discuss inner wild men and hawks with death wishes. Also Tony's dream of Venice Beach, making moves and the timing of success, technology, acting, indie theater and movies and more!

005 Fathers and Sons (w/ Pierce Cook)

Film Director/Director of Photography Pierce Cook sits down with Jake and the two have a heartfelt conversation about long distance family and making hard decisions to achieve your goals. Pierce talks about his father and fatherhood, childhood, and loss. They also chat about love of movies, being nice to people while making them, watching them as kids and showing them to kids. 

004 Identity Deft (w/ Verona Blue)

Actor, Chihuahua Savior, and the voice of the first ever female Stormtrooper Verona Blue is hanging out with Jake. Verona has a distinctive and bold persona and the two discuss identity, style and what influences it and how it effects us. They chat about being a Stormtrooper both in Star Wars and in real life, Klingon Ambushes, their mutual need to yell everything, Parades, tiny dogs, and a fantastic organization called Dogs Without Borders. Discuss this episode on twitter using #ElaboratePod

003 Gauging the Aging (w/Paul Bianchi)

Elaborate's first mate and writer of the popular Deadpool/Gaston Mashup musical, Paul Bianchi, is back talking with Jake about birthdays and getting older. A random discussion about words,  Paul opens up about anxiety and the duo discuss being artists that make livings doing work adjacent to the work they intended to do. There's talk of biological lineage and even a compliment-off!